And I give you Arzal !

Here I am again on my road warrior ways in my beautiful Morbihan, This is heaven with so many and long coast and pretty towns alongside, There are so many do not think will see them all in my lifetime !! Anyway, I keep on trying and besides some familiar ones, I dwell into new ones such as Arzal. Let me give my take on my new spot in the world, Arzal, and hope you enjoy the post as I.

I must say,new one because I was able finally to go into city center because passed by it several times. The town of Arzal is located in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in the lovely region of Bretagne.

Arzal the dam map aug22

The Barrage d’Arzal or dam is on the Vilaine estuary, between the towns of Arzal and Camoël.It was commissioned in 1970,and was mainly intended to regulate the flow of the Vilaine river and to supply drinking water to the Guérande peninsula during the tourist season. It is one of the few estuarine dams in the world !! About 500 meters long, the dam consists of a dike on the Camoël side and five gates. It has a lock that allows navigation between the river and the ocean. A marina and a drinking water treatment plant have also been developed nearby.

Arzal pleasure marina on the dam right side aug22

Arzal pleasure marina on the dam aug22

In 1961, the Vilaine Development Institution (IAV) was created by the departments of Morbihan,(56) Ille-et-Vilaine (35) and Loire-Atlantique (44) to carry out the necessary structural developments. The development of the body of water has led to the development of pleasure boating in the Vilaine river , with the creation of several ports, in Arzal-Camoël, La Roche-Bernard and Foleux. The creation of the body of water allowed the construction of a drinking water plant some two km upstream, in the town of Férel. The 17 million cubic meters treated per year supply 70% of the Guérande peninsula where tourism has developed enormously and 25% of Morbihan, the rest being destined for the south-east of Ille-et-Vilaine, especially the town of Redon.

Arzal barrage de arzal dam control tower aug22

Arzal barrage de dam control towers aug22

Other things to see here are :

The marina, still afloat, thanks to the dam. The Chapel of Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Lantierne. The Château de Broël, overlooking the Vilaine river . Largely 17C, it retains parts of the 14C and has a domestic chapel. The lordship had high, medium and low justice which was exercised at the truce of Lantiern. Property of the Bois de la Motte until the French revolution when the castle was sold as national property, then of the Lorois in 1799 who passed it on to the Pluyettes in 1866, to whose descendants it still belongs.

The town of Arzal on the barrage/dam

The La Vilaine site on the barrage d’Arzal

The Eaux et Vilaine site on the barrage d’Arzal:

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior ride in my beautiful Morbihan ! It really is beautiful. A new spot in my world map ,Arzal. For now enjoy my latest post ,and we will be back !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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