Let’s go back to Pénestin !!!

Here I am again on my road warrior ways in my beautiful Morbihan, This is heaven with so many and long coast and pretty towns alongside, There are so many do not think will see them all in my lifetime !! Anyway, I keep on trying and besides some familiar ones. I dwell into new ones visited but this one is a repeat visit to Pénestin. I have written a bit on Pénestin before in my blog, this time was an expanded visit. Let me give my take on it ok ,and hope you enjoy the post as I.

Penestin centre ville from church aug22

The town of Pénestin is located in my beautiful department 56 of Morbihan, in the my lovely region of Bretagne. It is part of the country of Guérande, one of the traditional countries of Brittany. With its 25 km of coastline, Pénestin is the southernmost town in Morbihan. It is a former truce of the parish of Assérac, the parish of Pénestin was created in 1767, and included in the castellany of Assérac, and formerly attached to the seneschalsy of Guérande until the French revolution, the town was created in 1790. The town was known since antiquity for its tin deposits. This is also where it gets its name: “Pénestin” being the contraction of “Pen Sten” which in Breton means “the tip of tin”. But in 1850, two miners from Piriac-sur-Mer boasted of having discovered gold. Two years later, the City/town hall granted a concession to exploit the sands of the beach.

The plage de la Mine d’Or beach is 2 km long, a real paradise for paragliders. It is also the only take-off site in Morbihan. Thrill seekers take advantage of favorable winds here and soar from the top of the cliffs that reach up to 10 meters high. The The Mine d’Or site is unique in France for its ecological interest. Its cliff bears witness to the passage of an ancient river, which flowed through a valley that has now disappeared. A border of this paleovalley is visible to the north of the cliff. The cliff which overhangs it constitutes a geological site of international interest, for its fossil river estuary.

Penestin plage de la mine d'or right side aug22

Penestin plage de la mine d'or left side aug22

The plage de la Mine d’Or beach therefore actually takes its name from gold mining between the end of the 19C and the beginning of the 20C. The gold was not in a mine, but in the open air, in the sand in the form of flakes. However, the washing of tons of sands only allowed to extract a small quantity of gold, and this was stopped at the start of the Great War (WWI). The cliffs of the Mine d’Or beach to the west of the town of Pénestin, 10 to 15 meters high and whose verticality is sometimes broken by scree, are characterized by their copper colour. They offer over nearly 1,800 meters a roughly N-S oriented section of a sedimentary system, called “Pénestin Formation”, This is wonderful and the beach superbe ! We love it !!

Penestin plage de la mine d'or right side closer aug22

Penestin plage de la mine d'or left side closer aug22

The Saint-Gildas Church (19C): built and then consecrated in 1880, this church, built in the neo-Gothic style, replaces an older church that was in the current cemetery. the building has a few statues, one of which represents Saint Gildas, the patron saint of the town. The capitals located on the pillars of the nave represent flower motifs and the stained glass windows represent the life of Christ or that of Saint Gildas. Each arm of the transept contains a 19C wooden altar. The bottom of the chancel wall is paneled. Below my twins going in !!!

Penestin ch saint gildas front RF et XF enter aug22

Penestin ch saint gildas nave to altar aug22

Penestin ch saint gildas chapel resurrection Christ aug22

Penestin ch saint gildas chapel saints aug22

Other things to see here are (and see my other post):

The Tréhiguier phare or lighthouse: Built in 1881 and commissioned the following year, the Tréhiguier lighthouse was an alignment lighthouse which served, together with the Scal lighthouse, to indicate the path to be followed for navigators through the Vilaine river. It ceased to operate in 1989, due to the construction of the Arzal dam, upstream of the river, which accentuated the siltation of the estuary and moved the maritime channel. Since 1995, it has housed the Maison de la Mytiliculture, a museum on the culture of bouchot mussels. And of course, the bouchot mussel of Pénestin was registered on October 14, 2020 in the Intangible Cultural Heritage of France. The meat rate is much higher than other mussels. In Pénestin, in summer, they reach a meat rate of 35%, that is to say that out of 1 kg of mussels, there are 350 grams of flesh. For comparison, in other regions, this rate is between 25 and 28%.And they are superbe, delicious we seek them out !

The town of Pénestin on the mine d’or :https://www.mairie-penestin.com/patrimoine_geologique_,la_mine_or-4873.html

The fav site plages tv on the mine d’or beach https://en.plages.tv/detail/mine-d-or-beach-penestin-56760

The local La Boule-Guérande tourist office on Pénestin : https://www.labaule-guerande.com/penestin-camoel-ferel.html

The Bretagne region tourist board on Penestinhttps://www.brittanytourism.com/destinations/the-10-destinations/brittany-loire-ocean/penestin/

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior ride in my beautiful Morbihan ! It really is beautiful, Once again by Pénestin and still think it merits more time, For now enjoy my latest post on it and we will be back !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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