And there is a Néant-sur-Yvel !

Yes indeed, in my road warrior mode again in my backyard of the Morbihan breton! And voilà new towns even passed by close never in until now! It goes without saying my previous comments, will need a lifetime to see them all just in my beautiful Morbihan. Today I give you Néant-sur-Yvel !

The town of Néant-sur-Yvel is located in the beautiful department 56 of Morbihan in the lovely region of Bretagne. It is part of the Paimpont forest, west of Rennes, and only 58 km from Pontivy. Also, 55 minutes by car from my house !

Néant-sur-Yvel is, it seems, the site of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to the Druids. Under the Ancien Régime (monarchy), Néant sur Yvel owes its importance to the presence of the counts of Bois-de-la-Roche. They held a garrison of fifty soldiers and commanded the parishes of Néant, Guilliers, Saint-Brieuc-de-Mauron, Tréhorenteuc and Campénéac. During the French revolution, the county was divided. The town of Bois-de-la-Roche lost its prestige, and Néant grew in importance and even became, for a few years, the center of a canton grouping Néant, Tréhorenteuc and Concoret, before becoming part of the canton of Mauron. In 1947, the town became Néant-sur-Yvel.

The Church of Saint-Pierre,is to discover its inside such as the tomb of Anne Toussainte de Volvire, also called the Saint of Néant. The marble tomb of Anne Toussainte de Volvire dates from 1881. She also has her portrait on one of the stained glass windows dating from the 17C. The stained glass shows religious of the Holy Grail and the mystery of Good Friday: the chalice, the host, the triangle of the Trinity, the glorious cross, the empty tomb, the tree of Eden, the sun representing the Father, the Holy Spirit in the Mountain peak …

Neant sur Yvel ch St Pierre aug22

Neant sur Yvel ch St Pierre altar aug22

Neant sur Yvel ch St Pierre Anne Toussainte de Volvire tomb aug22

The Church of Saint Pierre can be described as an irregularly shaped church, in particular because of these multiple openings. The bell tower, rather modern, is not in schist. The walls are, and the openings made of granite and sandstone. The Saint-Peter’s Church was founded before 1535 by the Montauban family. The building is in the shape of a Latin cross. The exterior and interior decoration of the church is composed of flamboyant and Renaissance elements. The square tower, attached to the nave of the church, dates from 1720, is surmounted by a slate spire.

Neant sur Yvel ch St Pierre back wall aug22

The apse window has preserved some fragments of stained glass from the 16C, representing God the Father with the Son, dead on his knees, Christ, the Virgin and some apostles, The large stained glass window in the church represents, under the feet of Saint Peter , Saint James and Saint Barthélemy, the old castle of Bois de la Roche. The Calvary of the Saint-Peter’s Church dates from the 16C.

Neant sur Yvel ch St Pierre chapel stained aug22

On the Butte Saint-Michel or St Michael’s hill , a giant round table is installed there which will eventually receive 11 Knights of the Round Table, The first was Arthur, on a round table about 4 meters in diameter, both hands placed on the edge. His helm, surmounted by a dragon, is placed in front of him. Later came the knights Keu and Gauvain who were officially welcomed around the table with King Arthur, in ceremonial dress seated on a pedestal, his hands resting on the Round Table of the knights, Eventually the idea is to put all knights on the round table by the town.

Neant sur Yvel Table de Ronde Artur side aug22

Neant sur Yvel Table de Ronde Artur front aug22

Right on the Butte Saint Michel near the above table ronde you can see a stone Cross from the Middle ages. There is also, a very nice replica of the grotto of Notre Dame de Lourdes. This was done in 1957 and recently renovated. The cave was built with white stones extracted on the moor of Coë Penot. To consolidate the work, railway tracks were donated. 

Neant sur Yvel butte st michel Croix de chemin du Moyen age aug22

Neant sur Yvel Table de Ronde grotto ND de Lourdes aug22

Other things to see but no time in my road warrior mode were:

The Jardin aux Moines or monks garden you have megalithic tumulus. The Jardin aux Moines at the crossroads of the road leading to Mauron and that linking Paimpont to Néant-sur-Yvel. This Neolithic mound measures 25 by 6 meters, and dates back to a period between 3,000 and 2,000 BC. And the Château de Bois-de-la-Roche built around 1500, by Philippe de Montauban , then chancellor of Brittany, fitted out in the 17C and restored in the 19C. Only one tower remains, the one on the east side and the adjacent building. The tower on the west side was built after the French revolution to match the other. Anne Toussainte de Volvire, known as the “Saint of Néant”, was born there in 1653. (see church).

The Broceliande local tourist board on the Church St Pierre

The town of Néant sur Yvel

There you go folks, another dandy road warrior trip by yours truly, this time with my boys and Dad, Rex our dog stayed home. We are looking forward to discover more beauties in my beautiful Morbihan in the future, the potential site is awesome! This is tranquil in land Néant sur Yvel, the river Yvel that passes by here, and Néant well it means Nothing lol! Hope you enjoy the post on the new find as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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