Let me tell you about some streets of Metz !!

I like to go the fast way into towns on the road warrior trail but once in them, we will walk the beat and its great in my belle France. The city of Metz is no different to this practice which is recommended to all. Walk it and enjoy it, let me tell you about some streets of Metz !! And during the Christmas market celebrations!! The city is in the dept 57 of the Moselle in the new region of Grand Est of my belle France. I am updating this older post, see my others on Metz in my blog.

The Arsenal is a set of performance and exhibition halls, mainly devoted to classical music and contemporary dance, where numerous recitals and concerts are represented. See my previous post on St Pierre aux Nonnains.  Also, behind the hall Arsenal you see the Chapelle des Templiers a unique vestige of a templar commandery founded in the 12C, and today is also an exhibition hall.  The big parvis or Esplanade de l’Arsenal is located around the above building between boulevard Poincaré and Avenue Ney and below is my parking République! There is a nice statue of Marshal Ney and across is one of the spot of the Christmas market in Metz (we have been ,and it’s superbe see post). You have plenty of stores, bars, and restaurants around this lively area!


The Place de la République is the largest square in Metz city center. It was built in 1802, then called Place Royale, next to the old citadel and the limits of the city. During the annexation, the square was renamed Platz des Führers. The Universal Exhibition of 1861 was organized on this square and on the Esplanade which prolongs it. It is bounded by three urban facades, the Avenue Robert-Schuman where is the Bank of France, the rue du Maréchal-Lyautey  which borders the Ney barracks; on the side parallel with Rue Winston-Churchill, a shopping street that runs along the hypercenter and leads to the courthouse. Avenue Ney marks an open boundary on the  jardins de l’Esplanade  (gardens). From 1964, an above ground parking occupies the place de la République of which it takes the name.


The Station République, formely known as the Galerie République, is an underground shopping arcade with some twenty shops in the Place de la République. An expansion of the car park, an extension of the gallery was dug under the Avenue Winston-Churchill  in order to develop its commercial space and link it to the Galeries Lafayette,  and FNAC stores. A new access is thus created at rue Winston-Churchill. A wonderful shopping experience!

The Place Saint-Jacques is our favorite square in the city center of Metz, as it is also ,opposite the shopping center , the Centre Saint-Jacques. It is located between the Rue Fabert and  Rue de Ladoucette, in the heart of the historic and pedestrian center of the city, not far from Saint-Etienne Cathedral. Place Saint-Jacques is located near the main crossroads of the old Roman city ( by rue Taison ,and rue En Fournirue) and corresponds roughly to the site of the ancient forum.  The current name of the square appears in the 12C and comes from the Church of Saint-Jacques which bordered it before being demolished in 1574. Today, the place St Jacques is known to the locals Messins for its many restaurants and cafes terraces during the beautiful season. It is, also one of the sites for the wonderful Marché de Nôel or Christmas market in the wonderful city. And we love it here!


A bit of history and or anecdote I like on the place St Jacques of Metz.

During the break-up of German troops in 1918, Metz Catholics fear that they will transform the city into a new Verdun. They pray then to vow to raise a statue to the Blessed Virgin, if the city was spared by the fighting. It was done thanks to the efforts of Bishop Benzler of Metz from 1901 to 1919, however, he was expelled by the French authorities in July 1919 and died in Germany in 1921 .The statue was inaugurated on the feast of the Assumption 1924. The Place Saint-Jacques was chosen for its central location and its proximity to the cathedral.

Again on August 15, 1940, despite the prohibition of meeting people imposed by the Nazis who then occupied the city, and the presence of many armed soldiers, nothing can prevent the devotion of the local Messins for Notre-Dame of Metz, and of to show their patriotic attachment to France. The statue is surrounded by flowers in the colors of France and a huge cross of Lorraine, decorated with flowers tricolor, thistles and a yellow and red ribbon, colors of Lorraine, is attached to the column.  You can read the motto of Lorraine: “Who rubs there pricks.” A chorus suddenly rises from the crowd: “Queen of France – Pray for us – Our hope – Come and save us! . The tradition is honored every year on August 15, the day of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary. The Pontifical Mass is first celebrated in the morning at the cathedral, and then vespers are sung, followed by a procession led by the bishop, which goes from the cathedral to the column.

The official Metz tourist officehttps://www.tourisme-metz.com/en

The city of Metz on its heritagehttps://metz.fr/decouvrir-partager/

There you go folks , a wonderful set of streets to get lost in this wonderful city of Metz. You will love it here , very quant, traditional, and yes very French indeed. Some streets of Metz hopefully will get you acquainted with this beautiful city.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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