The Porte Serpenoise of Metz !

So back to the lovely city of Metz, one of the surprises of our interlude in this region of my belle France. I like to update and tell you a bit more on the Porte Serpenoise  ,a gate in Metz, dept 57 of the Moselle in the new region of Grand Est.

The Porte Serpenoise gate is a city gate located at the corner of Avenue Robert Schuman and rue du General Gaston-Dupuis in the district of Metz-Centre. It remains the symbolic witness associated with several historical events of the city, which it marked the southern limit of the 3C during the construction of the Roman rampart, until the beginning of the 20C at the time of the destruction of the enclosure.  The first Serpenoise gate is built in the 13C at the same time as the ramparts of the city, on the Roman road coming from Scarpone, city upstream from Metz on the Moselle river. The Via Scarponensis gave a contraction to the name Serpenoise or sometimes even Champenoise. It had an oblique vault crossing the ramparts. It was added in 1466 a cylindrical element connected to the door by a fortified bridge that spanned the canal walls, filled to achieve the current Avenue Foch. Very damaged during the siege of 1552, the Serpenoise medieval gate was demolished in 1561 to make room for the fortifications of the citadel.


The current Porte Serpenoise was rebuilt in 1852, not far from the site where the Scarponne Gate once stood. It is an elbow tunnel of about thirty meters crossing the embankment of the southern rampart. Its bent shape, in an arc, avoids direct artillery fire in the city. The gate serves as a link with the old station. Outside, a bridge spans the ditch of the fortifications. In 1892, the gate is widened and one throws down its external part, the double entrance which precedes the gate inconvenient for the circulation.  In 1902-1903, during the dismantling of the ramparts, the inner part was also destroyed. The Serpenoise Gate is remodeled and takes its current form of Arc de Triomphe. Only one section of the gate was retained and four turrets and a staircase are added. It thus becomes an autonomous monument, embellishing the promenade of the new tree-lined boulevard. The two facades are dismantled and united to become a triumphal arch crowned with watchtowers, wearing a grassy slope, evoking a bastion. Some elements come from the Saint-Thiébault rampart.

October 31, 1870, the Prussian troops enter after the defeat of Napoleon III in Sedan, In November 19, 1918, the Allied troops enter the Porte Serpenoise for the liberation of Metz.

The city of Metz on the Porte Serpenoise (pic) :

There you go folks, another beauty and we stayed in a hotel not far from it in fact we went by it to access the city center of Metz, a wonderful sight to see every morning and even more so at night, the Porte Serpenoise! To think the allied troops entered by here to liberate the city is awesome me think. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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