The Pointe du Blair of Baden !

Let me bring you back to the coast of my beautiful Morbihan, and update this older post on the Pointe du Blair of Baden ! Today, I take you to another semi private public space of the so many found in the gorgeous Morbihan. For those new to my blog , Morbihan is the only department/state/province of France that does not have a French name but actually the local Breton language. Mor means sea and bihan is small so in French would be petite mer nevertheless it is Breton Morbihan !! 


I went to what is usually routine trip on already visited areas but with so many creeks, points and valleys attach, I have enough to keep me busy for the rest of my life here. We went by car along the old familiar D101 past Le Bono ( see post) into the town of Baden to find this gem. 

The Pointe du Blair or Blair is in the Gulf of Morbihan, located on the territory of the town of Baden, at the mouth of the Auray river. Opposite the pointe du Blaire is the entrance to the Auray river. To the left of the entrance, facing the sea, is the island of seven isles or the Sept ïles. On the right is the town of Locmariaquer. (see posts).


The Pointe du Blair is a peninsula about 1 km long and 200 meters wide. It rises to 21 meters above sea level . In the Auray river, between the Pointe du Blaire and Huernic, the currents reach 4 knots (about 7 kph or less than 5 mph). Access to the jetty, which belongs to the public domain, is made by a private road, on a private lot, serving a subdivision. Access to the Pointe du Blair is via the coastal path.


The Route des Vénètes road, there is the Venetean Wall a barred spur that closes the Pointe du Blair , in the town of Baden. The remains date from the Neolithic ,between 5000 and 2500 BC! Go around the Pointe du Blaire with beautiful views of the island Sept ïles , Er Runio and the Auray river.


For a day picnic or sightseeing into the natural environment of our world or the Morbihan this is a pleasant trip. We have already plan to do picnics here even in cooler weather !at nice secluded Pointe du Blair. Really nice natural area and it has already bench tables for picnics and wooded free parking right next to walk trails to the secluded beach ! Lovely indeed.


A bit of history on what could have been here at the Pointe du Blair

Count Arthur Dillon wanted, in 1899, to make Baden a commercial port that would easily compete with that of Vannes. He built for this purpose at Penn Lannic a 110 yards jetty. Not finding the depths that he expected as only 6 meters, he abandoned the site in 1905 and transposed his idea at the Pointe du Blair, the mouth of the Auray river in the Gulf of Morbihan. Taking advantage of the existence, in the bed of the river, depths of 10 meters at low seas, he planned to create a port in deep water, connected offshore by a natural channel. The future port, the deepest of all the French ports of the Atlantic, could have accommodated the ships with the largest drafts of the time. He would have transformed the Gulf of Morbihan by attracting trade and industry. Finally, after many twists (including the war of 1914-1918), the idea had no follow-up.   Today remains a pier of 88 meters to which leans a large platform. Access to these places, which became public since 1922, is regulated by a private subdivision. There is a coastal path that allows you to go around the Pointe du Blair.

The city of Baden on its walks

There you go folks, hope you enjoy the off the beaten path Pointe du Blair of my beautiful Morbihan and do come after ll we are the 3rd most visited region of France, and most visited departement in Bretagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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