Larmor Gwened beach park of Vannes !

Well today is my Dad 87th birthday and we took him out for a ride and eat out in one of his favorites KFC! Yes! leave it to an American to still cling to his old tastes! Anyway, he was pleased and on our way there just to kill time I drove into unknown territory even in Vannes !! Voilà two surprises in a row, I tell you my beautiful Morbihan has it all !!!

I went around the Le Port harbor area and continue along the canal marina that goes into the Gulf of Morbihan, nothing new here. Then, I cut into rue du Commerce straight ahead to turn right for the first time into rue de Larmor Gwened, and this surprising took me to the Larmor Gwened beach park !! A find! By the way Larmor is breton for the coast side of the land,  but Gwened is the breton word for Vannes! So it is like coastal vannes !

Vannes larmor gwened park playground jul22

Vannes larmor gwened park walking distances 2.5 walk to Vannes jul22

Larmor Gwened has a nice natural beach, playground and picnic table. Free car parking area. You can go to the end, after the football field, cruising in the moors, especially in summer. Expanse of grass with shade. View of the Gulf of Morbihan. For info the Stade De Larmor Gwened Football field is natural grass with 2 changing rooms with showers.

Vannes larmor gwened park beach to conleau jul22

Vannes larmor gwened park beach to gare maritime jul22

All along the shores of the Gulf of Morbihan, this space reveals many beaches nestled in small coves, a reed bed and a large marsh area near Séné on the other side. Even thus it was closed you have a good review restaurant here the L’eauthentik with location of 24 Rue de Larmor GwenedThe RestaurantGuru reviews on the L’eauthentik resto :

The city of Vannes on its natural spaces such as Larmor Gwened

Vannes larmor gwened park beach to conleau closeup jul22

Vannes larmor gwened park to open gulf of morbihan jul22

You can get there on bus no 7 KICEO of Vannes stop Arcal and then about a 5 minutes walk. We shall return, we weill bring our dog Rex next time he will love it! and try the restaurant! Another nice area in the many choices around my beautiful Morbihan and wonderful sublime Vannes. Hope you enjoy the post and do seek out these experiences when in the area.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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