A Chapel of Grace in the Côte de Grâce of Equemauville !!!

There is an ongoing saga of my family coming to this wonderful city of Honfleur. It was love at first sight way back in 1992 and has been like that ever since. Many trips and seeing it all, participated in its festivals, and my dear mom Gladys and wife Martine laid at sea there. Enough said.  I am updating this older post on an emblematic building of the nearby city of Equemauville, this is the Côte de Grâce and its Notre Dame Chapel.  You cannot come to Honfleur without seeing it visited it and enjoyed it all by hill of Grace. Glorious basking in Honfleur, the city of seamen.  

Actually , as said, it is in the town of Equemauville high on the hill. Or the Hill or Plateau of Grace up the road from the vieux bassin or old basin of Honfleur. It is a special place for us and have been coming here since 1992.  The plateau is magical with what you have here as well as the wonderful views over the valley and statuaire of the Seine river. The Notre Dame Chapel, the Mont Joli, the Cross, the pavillion , and the views are superb! Of course, I have written plenty on them but never enough for this magical place.

Equemauville was born in 1023 when the Viking Scamel hided the booty. It baptized the plateau above the beach Scamelvilla. This plateau was a Gallic camp, and a Roman camp as well. They even found carved stones dating from the Paleolithic era ! The plateau of Grace offers a complete panorama on the Normandy coast. Here is what the magical and secret Côte de Grâce offers you!  Relaxing walk and rewarding discovery for visitors who will visit an ancient Sanctuary of the region: the Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce or Chapel of Our Lady of Grace. It was founded by Richard II, Duke of Normandy in 1023 to fulfill a vow made during a storm in which he had almost perish. The current Chapel was built between 1600 and 1615 by the bourgeois and sailors of Honfleur. The Chapel is a place of recollection for many pilgrims and also and above all a space of hope according to the legend and worship of Notre Dame. Many faithful come to deposit for centuries offerings such as statuettes, plaques and model boats in gratitude to God. Their numbers today is impressive. The place coveted and visited by famous personnages such as Pierre Berthelot, king Louis XIII Napoléon Bonaparte, and Thérèse of Lisieux. The Chapelle Notre Dame de Grâce is today for the plenitude that reigns there. On the outside you can see the bells of pilgrimages.




Right in front of the Notre Dame De Grâce Chapel you have a Fisherman prayer chapel where a priest makes Mass on special ocassions such as when the Festival of Marines or Fête des Marins which we have attended in previous years. There is, also, an impressive Christ Cross overlooking the city of Honfleur below and the bay across is Le Havre.



Mont Joli is a magnificent viewpoint which deserves a small detour. It offers a breathtaking view of the entire city, below, with its typical Norman-architecture houses, as well as the remarkable Tancarville Bridge, built in the mid-1950’s. The Normandy Bridge, and the mouth of the Seine river. As well as the city of Le Havre and its ports. From the hill, a nice little road goes down to Honfleur and you can thus return to the city on foot via a pleasant walk. Or as with Dad we go up by car and walk on top!


Another interesting building here is the Louis-Philippe Pavilion, it is a charming house where King Louis-Philippe and Queen Marie-Amélie took refuge after the revolution of 1848 , known as the February revolution, (the third French revolution! )while waiting to take the boat to go into exile in England. It seems I always missed the picture on this one right next to the entrance to Mont Joli!

It is a pieceful place with great views nice walks if you dare on hilly terrain, but nice. The place was great for our dog Rex as well! Hope you enjoy this special part of Equemauville (as in Honfleur ).

The Honfleur tourist office on the hill of Grace: https://www.ot-honfleur.fr/visiter-decouvrez/patrimoine/la-cote-de-grace/

The city of Equemauville on the hill of Gracehttps://www.mairie-equemauville.com/a-voir-et-a-faire

There you go another wonderful spot in Equemauville next to Honfleur and surrounding hills. A wonderful family trip, very educational on the history of the region, hope you enjoy the Côte de Grace and its wonders as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. A hill of this height is quite unexpected in Normandy. Thanks for sharing.

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