Basilica Notre Dame du Paradis of Hennebont !

And I need to take you back to my beautiful home dept 56 of Morbihan in my lovely adopted Bretagne. There is so much to see , hopefully will have life to see them all. I thank you for reading my blog for the last 12 years and my 11th in the Morbihan!! time flies when having fun they said.  There is a nice fortified town near me that is just a gem and  sort of like an off the beaten path . I will tell you a bit more of the Basilica Notre Dame du Paradis or Our Lady of Paradise Basilica of Hennebont.


The project of a chapel dedicated to Notre-Dame is presented by François Michart, an ironworker, in 1513, on the place du Paradis. The first stone is laid in 1514 and the unfinished church is consecrated in 1524. The chapel serves as a parish church from 1590. The church is of flamboyant Gothic style, and is noticed by the boldness of its porch and the richness of its ornamentation.  The church was elevated to the rank of minor Basilica by Pope Pius X on January 17, 1913. The Basilica Church Notre Dame du Paradis was miraculously spared by the Nazis bombing of 1944, when a large part of the city was destroyed. 


The imposing Bell Tower. high of nearly 65 meters, its location on one of the high points of the city makes it a real sight. The tower is divided into three parts. The base that opens with a vast porch whose elevation is made even more vertiginous by the carved decoration that adorns it. The massive buttresses are lighted by the presence of niches which may have housed statues, and small vegetal sculptures; at the first Gallery level. From the first balustrade, there is the drum that is enclosed the Bell-room, the only room in the building with a chimney, and the belfry with the bells. And finally, all of lace, the arrow itself that will know many times and restorations. Attached to the Bell Tower, the two turrets of stairs   one of which no longer exist   allow access to the upper parts and still visually lighten the mass of the Bell Tower. The particular color of the granite drawn from the old quarries of Locoyarne gives the Bell Tower a beautiful blond hue especially in the end of the day.


Among the architectural features of the Basilica Notre Dame du Paradis or Our Lady of Paradis, you will noticed as soon as you penetrated into its walls the vast nave formed by the dark nave and the aisles pierced by large bays to bring the light in.This polygonal choir receives a flood of light from the five stained glass windows that open into its walls. These stained glass windows are so vast that the walls that surround them seem, in the light, almost non-existent. This emphasis on light is one of the characteristics of Gothic architecture. It has, the oldest organ in the Morbihan which dates from 1652.



In 1652 an epidemic ravaged the region, and nothing seemed to be able to stop it that the intervention of the Virgin to whom the inhabitants promised a silver statue that would be carried out in procession each year. Hennebont was spared and offered to the Church a silver statue in 1700, which unfortunately was melted in the Mint of Nantes in 1792 ,during the French revolution.. Since a new silver bronze statue made in 1818 replaces it. There is a painting evoking this episode: the vow of 1699, work of 1807 by François-Henri Mulard.. See inside the stained glass by Max Ingrand retracing the great events of the history of Hennebont.


An imposing Basilica Church Notre Dame du Paradis on the now name  Place du Maréchal Foch  of Hennebont.  Another gem of a monument to visit here and walking in town is glorious. We parked by the river basin just behind the ramparts or up behind the Basilica each time in town. We are just 28 km or about 17 miles from it along the expressway N165 direction Brest.

The city of Hennebont on its heritage

The Lorient south Brittany tourist office on Hennebont

The Brittany region tourist office on Hennebont

There you go folks, you have it all on the Basilica Notre Dame du Paradis and a great part of the city of Hennebont’s history. A welcome stop easy on and off the N165 expressway and train service abound. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels , good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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