Curiosities of Cancale !!!

This is another first by yours truly the road warrior. Well Bretagne has a bunch and I am working on it. We reach Cancale, another beauty of the Ille et Vilaine department,35 in my lovely Bretagne, in my belle France.  Therefore, let me give you some curiosities of Cancale !

cancale pl de la chapelle arriv jul22

cancale quai Gambetta biquinistes bdlg jul22

As we entered the city, we saw this first in the bourg or city center of Cancale!  On the Place de l’église stands a fountain with a sculpture, bronze composed of two oyster washers symbolizing the work of the Cancalaises at the beginning of the 20C before mechanization, The fountain Les laveuses d’huîtres or the oyster washers is made of bronze, this statue shows local women washing oysters by hand. They represent the women of Cancale who guarded the city, while the men went to sea for months to fish. It is a true symbol for the city.

Cancale Les laveuses d'huîtres fountain pl de l'eglise jul22

At the end of the port de la Houle, quai Administrator Chef Thomas, oyster lovers will be delighted. Freshly harvested, the hollow and flat overflow baskets on the stalls of producers. If your mouth is watering, taste them plain or lemony on the terrace of one of the many restaurants in the port or on the marché aux huîtres or oyster market facing the open sea, in a friendly and lively atmosphere. This is awesome !!!

Cancale marché aux huitres jul22

The Houle district is located at the entrance to Cancale. It is quite traditional because it is mainly fishermen’s houses dating from the 18C and 19C that are found there, below the cliff. The district is also marked by the small niches installed in the streets, in homage to the Virgin Mary. The first would have appeared following the cholera epidemic which ravaged Cancale in the 1850s.The port, called Port de la Houle. The comings and goings of the dumpers loaded with oysters, the merchants, the return of the fishing boats at high tide. The port is bordered by a district leaning against the cliff, with narrow streets and where the fishermen lived.

cancale phare de la fenetre port jul22

cancale plage de cancale biquinites bdlg and fenetre phare jul22

The beach of the small port of Cancale is a small beach. During high tides, it disappears under the water and as a result, the sand can remain wet when the water recedes. It’s not necessarily the best if you want to tan, but it’s still very nice to be able to rest for a few moments.

Cancale plage de cancale lighthouse fenetre jul22

Cancale plage de cancale quai gambetta jul22

The city of Cancale and its heritage

The Ille et Vilaine dept 35 tourist office on Cancale

The Saint Malo tourist office on Cancale treasures

There you go folks, a dandy of a town, and glad finally there, already looking forward to be back, eventually. See my next post on the monument of Cancale in my blog. Hope you enjoy the curiosities of Cancale as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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  1. I ate oysters with mum at the Cancal port when she came to visit me, that was more then 20 years ago 🙂

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