Road warrior by La Gouesnière !

So again ,another road warrior outing by yours truly! We have so much to see in our lovely Bretagne alone that will take me a lifetime just here! I decided with the boys and Dad to take the road again up north and we past by this interesting little town of La Gouesnière in Ille et Vilaine dept 35. There was an interesting monument…read on…

The town of La Gouesnière was just a passing thru on the road D76 on our way to Cancale (see posts). The small history here tell us that in 1803, the parish of Bonaban was integrated into that of La Gouesnière. The town was absorbed on April 29, 1829 by the town of La Gouesnière. The town center is built on a plateau overlooking the bay of Mont Saint-Michel. It is mentioned as early as the 12C. Indeed, in 1181, Pope Luce III confirms the Chapter of Saint-Malo in the possession of the church of La Gouesnière.

Some of things shown to be seen here which we had no time were the Notre-Dame Church of 1660. This church replaces a religious building dated 1181, The church was remodeled in the 19-20C. A tower, built in 1868-1870, replaces an old slate bell tower. A public clock was installed in 1874. The marble and freestone altarpiece of the current high altar dates from 1666-1667. The altar there is a tomb dating from 1780 ; in the oval of the tomb was placed a lead reliquary containing another silver reliquary found in the first altar, with relics of Saints Méen, Judicaël and others. The pulpit dates from 1785, Another sight is the Château de Bonaban done in 1776, This castle replaces an old castle built in the 13C by Bonaban de Rougé and demolished in the 18C. in which Genoa marble is used.

However, what caught our eyes passing was a mortuary chapel that was like a castle! Really a sumptuous place to be buried.

The mortuary chapel of the Level family, the Chapel of La Gouesnière. This chapel was built in 1866, and contains the remains of Mr. and Mrs. Level and Mrs. the Marquise de Querhoent, born Du Reste. It is a misunderstanding between the Levels and the rector of the time which seems to be at the origin of the construction of the chapel. According to legend, the origin of the discord is due to the fact that the rector’s barbarie cock elected a perch on the wall of the Level property to the great displeasure of the latter who, indignant, would have decided never to set foot again. at the parish church. A caretaker’s house was built from the outset behind the chapel. The land is enclosed by a wall and a gate. In the center of this enclosure is a small granite cross. It was by the roadside before the erection of the chapel and gave its name to the piece of land: La Croix Dom Guillaume.(the Cross of sir William), Behind is the Caretaker’s house of the Chapel,This house is intended for the caretaker of the Level family mortuary chapel. It was probably built in the second half of the 19C at about the same time as the chapel which was erected in 1866.

La Gouesniere Level mortuary chapel front jul22

La Gouesniere Level mortuary chapel jul22

For general info ,the town of La Gouesniére :

There you go folks, another dandy surprise on the roads of my Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh; always amazing! Hope you enjoy this short ride and stay tune for Cancale in my blog. And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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