The Auray River by Le Bono !!

And moving right along in my road warrior local version, I came back to Le Bono and the Auray river or ria before connecting with the Bono river ! This is beautiful scenery to fall in love or stay forever. We have many creeks and coves like it in my beautiful Morbihan, and for now let me tell you about the Auray river by Le Bono !!  and the bay out to the Gulf of Morbihan. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more of it, and hope you enjoy it as I.

Le Bono auray river jun22

The Auray River is a ria that begins at Auray, empties into the Gulf of Morbihan and is navigable. The length of its water course is 56.3 km ! The Auray river or the ria du Loch, another name given to the river. But is it really a river or already the Little Sea? Indeed, the degree of salinity is such that oysters can live on the pillars of the Pont d’Auray in Saint Goustan (see post).

Le Bono bay Auray river far jun22
Le Bono bay auray river to port jun22

The Loc’h originates at Plaudren and heads west ,then branches off to the south halfway through its course. It becomes the Auray River, northern outcrop of the Gulf of Morbihan, in the town of Auray, just west of Pluneret. The Auray river overlooks the Gulf of Morbihan between Locmariaquer to the south, and Pointe du Blair and Sept Îles, in the town of Baden to the north. It joins the mouth of the Gulf of Morbihan located between Port-Navalo, end of the Rhuys peninsula to the east, seaside resort and port of the town of Arzon and Locmariaquer to the west. The Auray river crosses these towns : Plaudren (source/origin), Locqueltas, Locmaria-Grand-Champ, Grand-Champ, Brandivy, Plumergat, Pluvigner, Brech, Pluneret, and Auray (mouth).

Le Bono bay auray river out gulf jun22

The town of Le Bono on its port

The town of Le Bono on its promenades, see suspended bridge picture for my spot

There you go folks, one of the highlights of living in beautiful Morbihan is the fact of there are coves and creeks all over with great natural beauty. They are all over the Morbihan and the one in Le Bono is a beautiful setting surrounded by interesting things to see as you can tell from my many posts on the area. Hope you enjoy the natural environment of the Auray river !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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