The Hôtel de Ville of Reims!

Well, I do have several city halls in my blog, as said, these can be wonderful monuments in itself with great architecture and history. This is again the case at Reims; where have the excuse to find me a picture in my vault! This is the Champagne area and plenty written on it but this is an off the beaten path spot worth the detour , me think. Therefore, here is City Hall of Reims which is in the Department 51 of the Marne in the region now of Grand Est.

Reims is the unofficial capital of the Champagne-producing region, and most of the major champagne houses based there offer tastings and tours of their cellars. The triumphal arch of the Porte de Mars dating from the 3C bears witness to the city’s past under Roman rule. For over 1,000 years, French kings were crowned at Notre-Dame Cathedral (see post), Lots of things to see here and you must come, easy from Paris.

The City/Town Hall of Reims is the building that has housed the municipal institutions since 1499. The first stone of the building was laid down on June 18, 1627, The first wing was on what is today the rue du Général-Sarrail, was quickly delivered and the Council sat there from 1628. It was raised in Lagery stone and the campanile already had a bell. A first statue of the king is made, it is perhaps made of wood and was destroyed during the French revolution. It burned down on March 3, 1917 during WWI and was rebuilt; the first works began in 1924 ;Gaston Doumergue the President of the French Republic (France) inaugurated it on June 10, 1928.

Reims hotel de ville front pl de l'hotel de ville

Before the fire, the building had housed a museum since Year III, (revolutionary year 1794 and 1795 ), the archives, the savings bank, a library since 1764 by the confiscation of the books of the Jesuit College, the court or the police, and the Chamber of Commerce, depending on the era, Currently it is intended for municipal services that extend throughout the city in annexes and other decentralized services.

reims rue colbert to hotel de ville aug11
The architecture has it as a square building, or almost, with four similar wings which delimit a courtyard which shelters a statue of René de Saint-Marceaux which symbolizes the vine and the foam of Champagne. Each angle is materialized by a square tower. The roof is cutaway slate. The large salon d’honneur at the top of the grand staircase has been particularly cared for with its balcony overlooking the square and a chosen decoration. In the Salon d’Honneur (or Hall of Ceremonies) are the Great Organs. This is a unique monument, as it is the Organ of the French Republic, the only one that was built for a city/town hall in France ! This Art-Deco instrument is the work of the Reims organbuilder Fortin, and was built in 1928, However, by 1985 , the city/town hall tried to restore the organ, without success, and it is currently in a state of ruin.

The city of Reims city hall

The Reims tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy nice architecutural and historical monument to see in wonderful sublime Reims! Hope you enjoy the post on the City Hall ,and do visit worth the detour, Reims is a lot more than Champagne!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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