Again by Neuilly sur Seine!

This is one of my stumping grounds while working in Paris and living in Versailles several years back. I did had to come for business reasons first, and know the city well, but then came for other and with family as the area is quite chic nice. I have mentioned a lot of the history on the town but need to tell you more about its monuments with new found pictures. Therefore, here is again by Neuilly sur Seine in dept 92 of Hauts de Seine, region of ïle de France!  

The parish Church Saint-Pierre, located at 90 Avenue du Roule (Avenue Achille-Peretti), was built between 1883 and 1914. It includes a Grand-Orgue  Mutin-Cavaillé-Coll from 1898. It is an impressive belltower coming up on the avenue!

Neuilly sur seine ch st pierre belltower front

The Church Saint-Pierre blessing of the first stone takes place on October 30, 1887 on July 5, 1896, Cardinal Richard proceeds to the blessing of the church, The official consecration of the church by Cardinal Dubois takes place after the Great War, on June 6, 1922. The church, however, remains unfinished because the exterior sculpted decoration was never finalized, with the exception of that of the porch and the side portals after 1945. There is a nice outdoor statue of Joan of Arc acquired in 1903, then installed the following year, for about ten months, at the bottom of the main staircase of the City Hall, It was inaugurated in the square located in front of the church on Sunday, May 7, 1905.

The official parish of the Church St Pierre

There is a big wonderful solemn monument on the same street a bit further on , this is the monument to the fallen policemen or the Monument aux morts de la police nationale of the 1914-1918 , and 1939-1945 world wars at place Winston-Churchill.

Neuilly sur Seine ave Achille Peretti Monument aux Héros de la Police Morts pour la France

The city of Neuilly sur Seine on its heritage

The Hauts de Seine dept 92 tourist office on the architectural promenade of Neuilly sur Seine

There you go folks,an oasis of tranquility and class just bordering Paris, the off the beaten path, Neuilly sur Seine. Worth the detour by the Church of St Pierre and wonderful monument as well as others (see post ). Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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