The Church Saint Mériadec !!

I have written before on this church but was not able to get inside even if passed by it almost every day,,,, Now ,finally found my way in , and would like to tell you more about it, My previous post told you enough of the history and description so therefore, will tell you a bit more with new and inside pictures of the Church of Saint Mériadec!

Meriadec ch st meriadec front entr jun22

The town of Plumergat, which includes the village of Mériadec has an almost triangular configuration, and is bounded by Brandivy , Pluvigner,  Brech, Pluneret, Plescop and Grand-Champ ! Administratevely, the village of Mériadec is held between Plumergat and Pluneret ! So, the town of two city halls !! And only 14 km from my house!

The chapel dedicated to Saint-Mériadec, bishop of Vannes in 659, located at the current location of the parking park, was built around 1383. Falling into ruin, it was demolished in 1938. 

Meriadec ch st meriadec left side front jun22

The Church of Saint Mériadec dates from 1913. Inside, there is an altarpiece-tabernacle and a processional cross from the 17C. The Church Saint-Mériadec has today,still, the western facade still waiting for its bell tower, whose financing had been refused by the general council in 1923. The altarpiece-tabernacle (17C), in gilded wood, would come from the old Sainte-Anne-d’Auray Chapel. The current church replaces a primitive chapel. The primitive chapel was a rectangular building, rather archaic, completed in 1383, where one saw some Romanesque windows in semicircular arch and others in pointed arch. A small square pinnacle covered with slates stood at the entrance to the choir. To the south was a small square porch, very simple, with a stone bench on either side. The chapel was covered with a rather crude framework and had been enriched with beautiful 17C wooden altarpieces from the Carmelite convent of Sainte-Anne.

Meriadec ch st meriadec nave to altar jun22

Meriadec ch st meriadec altar jun22

Mériadec was born in Armorica (western France) in 628, he was from the family of Conan Mériadec, the first king of this region. He did not change anything in the austerity of his life; but, filled more and more with charity for all the wretched, he showed that he had accepted the crook only in order to be the nourisher, the doctor, the consoler, the father of his flock. Zealous for the relief of bodily ills, he was even more so for saving souls. He made himself as essential a duty of edification as of holiness. Equipped with the holy viaticum, he died on June 6, 666, He was Bishop of Vannes (7C), He evangelized Brittany, probably an itinerant missionary bishop, as he was so many at that time, Saint Mériadec was a hermit , there is a village Mériadec, which before the French revolution was Saint Mériadec, this first name means ‘the pure forehead’ we find his statue in the Chapel of Querrien.

Meriadec ch st meriadec altar to back jun22

Meriadec ch st meriadec baptismal font jun22

The city of Plumergat on the village of Mériadec

The city of Pluneret on the village of Mériadec:

There you go folks, a nice story and with many truths to it on the life of Saint Mériadec. I must say I live close to these towns sort of like my living area. Hope you enjoy and do pass by the Church of Saint Mériadec on the D19 road !

And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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