Retirement in France !!!

Ok so today I come to you on a non travel related subject ,really; it could be too lol! Well , my dear readers and travel buddies, I am getting to that age, yes the golden egg or whatever, and its time to tell, I am finally retired !!!

I am finally in retirement !! I have written several post on “Retirement” in France in my blog leading to the final decision. My last full year of my working life was sad, as many thought retirement is great but after been a busy director finance for many years, sitting at home is well lousy. Not that I would not continue to dabble in consulting work later on, but the pandemic stop this and now trying to see if it gets up again this year as my profession requires visits on site.

The beautiful Morbihan, and lovely Bretagne is very much into the a large number of retirees who appreciate the authenticity and beauty of its typically armoricaines landscapes. With vibrant, human-sized cities such as Auray ,Lorient and Vannes, this is the ideal destination for those who no longer want to live in the big cities. Its rich history and cultural life are suitable for many seniors.

I negotiated with my boss CFO an early exit or early retirement or retraite anticipée that can be done here and was able to have the written approval!!!!!!! This in a few words is when your company feels that they can save on your salary more by paying you a lump sum and discharging you than continue to pay your salary for probably a lot longer… I had the best timing as when I go out effective March 1 2021 ,I already could ask for my retirement here!!! However, I put it off for a few months to get better full range of retirement benefits. I eventually got my full retirement on January 1 2022 !

So after much thought and unfortunate events in our lives we end up deciding to stay put in laid back quant naturally French or Breton ,Pluvigner !!! The country kind of living in the real France as the saying goes. You are welcome to stop by or let me know if nearby for a get together of whatever! always nice to do me think. And of course, will continue with my blog posts and updates of older posts as well as new travel adventure. The travel long distance will be less and concentrate more in Europe and my two babes ,France, and Spain.

My current town of Pluvigner on tourism:

The local Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Pluvigner:

Thank you for reading me over the last over 12 years in my blog, really appreciated. It has been a pleasurable ride indeed. So there, gave you some thoughts now let me know how you stand in your working life or if in retirement already. This post will be on my black and white series,no pictures of course.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

10 Comments to “Retirement in France !!!”

  1. Pues venga, enhorabuena! A disfrutar ahora que ya eres un jubilado. Saludos valencianos.

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  2. It’s certainly an important change in life that can offer so many new opportunities when you want to see them. I’m sure you’ll make the most of it.

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