Notre Dame market of Versailles, part II

Now let me bring you back to my beloved Versailles, so much written on it and so many visitors if only to the palace/museum. However, as always tells you, shh! There is a lot more to see than the castle/palace/museum there. Easy transport from that other famous city nearby, you have no excuses.  Versailles is it! I found pictures in my vault not yet in my blog so decided to do a part II on the Notre Dame Market of Versailles ! This is right in the historical neighborhood of Notre Dame, my former home in IDF !! , a wholesome place!

Versailles market Notre Dame to rue du mal foch 2010

I have told you a lot on its history on part I previous post so will just tell you a bit on the market with the new pictures on this one, Hope you enjoy as I !

Versailles market notre dame mars12

Every morning, this place of conviviality and exchange, elected in 2018 “most beautiful market in Ile-de-France”, is teeming with traders and visitors. Indeed we were there every Saturday and sometimes on Tuesdays and it was very memorable shopping with the family, recommended ! The covered halls, two centuries old, are divided into four squares which arrange the foodstuffs in different specialties and where there are many local producers.Food and non-food markets alternate to maintain the exceptional character of this place since king Louis XIV ordered it open in the 17C ! The pavilions were destroyed in 1841, as they were considered unsanitary, and replaced by the current covered halls, rebuilt by Le Poittevin.

Versailles market ND fr rue de la paroisse dec18

The stands of clothing and leather goods vendors as well as the second-hand goods dealers outside gives life to the Place du Marché Notre Dame square and make this square a place of sociability for Versailles residents and tourists from all over the world. A stone’s throw away, the cobbled streets are home to shops and pedestrian walkways. The restaurants and cafes around the market will offer you a pleasant break in the heart of the magnificent city of the Sun King, Versailles !!!

Versailles market ND rue Ducis dec18

It is open all year, every day, except Mondays. The covered market or carré Notre-Dame open from Tuesday to Saturday from 7h to 19h30. Sunday from 7h. to 14h. The open market Notre-Dame opens Tuesday, Friday and Sunday morning from 7h to 14h.

Versailles carre a la maree mkt nd dec18


Versailles carre aux herbes mkt nd dec18

The city of Versailles on the Notre Dame market :

The Versailles tourist office on the Notre Dame market:

The youtube video of the Notre Dame Market is very nice ,credit : TV78 La Châine des Yvelines:

There you go folks, now covered all the angles of a great shopping day in royal magical beautiful Versailles! And shopping here with all these monumental buildings is a must and a great uplifting experience especially if like me you are into architecture and history. Do come and enjoy to the marché Notre Dame de Versailles !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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