The Les Berceaux restaurant of Epernay !!

Again usually not do single post on a restaurant but looking back of my vault of pictures and memories realise this one was just brief mentioned in older post. I decided for memories’ sake to have it on its own post in my blog. Family memories on the restaurant we have visited in my belle France. I bring you to distinct places,and choices! In my road warrior ways around my belle France I have come to enjoy many restaurants of all sorts and price levels. The Les Berceaux of Epernay is on a higher echelons and very good indeed! This is sublime Epernay in the Marne dept 51 of the Grand Est region.  For my memories, have put personal pictures of dear emotions of memories forever. Hope you enjoy it as we did/do.


Les Berceaux, in Epernay is one of the reference tables in the East of my belle France. The sommelier knows how to find the good and great classic references in most regions, to match, in abundance and quality, with the rich cuisine of the most renowned chef of the city. The locals on a chic outing know no other destination in the city, to find their treats. And us too! Memories forever!!!


The short story goes, we came here on behalf of my dear late wife Martine, grandmother Fourré to see the Champagne houses as my wife had worked when young on several to raise money for her schooling etc. While in town, I treat them to Les Berceaux, seen nice never been in it, it was a spot idea to come in. What a wonderful memories here, we came again each time in Epernay, bringing my parents and then with my boys; memories forever!


A discreet Alsatian named Patrick Michelon. This Mulhousian, formerly trained at Haeberlin and at the Auberge St Barnabé in Murbach, also spent time at Reeb in Marlenheim, once had his two stars at Fère-en-Tardenois Castle. He was also the good Michelin-starred chef of the Arms de Champagne at the Epine in the time of good Mr. Perardel. Master at home for many years (lost count) already at the Les Berceaux, he has made an old-fashioned inn a place of varied pleasures, with its modernized rooms. just a stone’s throw from the glorious Avenue de Champagne, which is perhaps the richest avenue in my belle France. In short,  Les Berceaux  contain a table of great class, to discover in its juice, its precision, its discretion. A must while in Epernay!

If staying longer, and why not, we have stayed at the beautiful gastronomic and wonderful Les Berceaux 13 rue des Berceaux in Epernay, just sublime and romantic, as well as exquisite French food done right with a Champagne twist, And lately, not sure the year they opened the more affordable Bistro! You won’t go wrong here,tops !

The official Les Berceaux resto/hotel

The RestaurantGuru reviews on Les Berceaux

There you go folks, the fancy of my belle France, nobody does it better and it shows each year by the number of visitors. Hope you have enjoy this marvelous Marne . The Les Berceaux is a must indeed.

And remember, happy travels ,good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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