A Cora in Cambrai !

I found me another picture in my vault and worth the post me think ,for the memories’ sake. I have my dear late wife Martine oldest brother living nearby and they took us for some shopping to the Centre Commerciale Cora ,and we saw the quant cafeteria so we decided to have lunch there. Nice to have in my blog, a Cora in Cambrai !

First, have other posts on Cambrai in my blog, this is in the Nord dept 59 of the Hauts de France region. Arras is only 36 km and Lille 52 km, Brussels 108 km, Paris 160 km, and about 583 km from my house ! We have always been by car here but it has train and bus connections.

Cora is a hypermarket brand belonging to the Louis Delhaize group and comprising 61 hypermarkets in France, around 10 in Belgium and Luxembourg, and 12 in Romania. It is part of the same group that includes Match supermarkets, Houra cybermarket, Truffaut garden centers and Animalis pet stores. Since its creation in 1969, Cora has been a decentralized family business organized around stores.

A bit of history I like

In 1850, Jacques Delhaize, wine merchant, imagined and applied in Belgium the principle of branching, points of sale delivered by a central warehouse. One of his sons, Louis Delhaize, develops a company which is at the origin of the current group The first French Cora hypermarket opens in September 1969, franchised by the Carrefour group in Garges-les-Gonesse (Val d’Oise 95).  In 1974, the franchise contracts expire, the “Cora” brand becomes independent. In 1999, creation of the purchasing center “Opéra”, in association with the Casino group.  In 2002, Cora separated from the Casino group and created its own central purchasing office. In December 2014, Carrefour and Cora signed a purchasing cooperation agreement.

There are 61 Cora hypermarkets in France, including 16 in the Grand Est and 10 in Hauts-de-France. Almost all of the other stores are located in the northeast of the country, due to the geographical proximity to Belgium.  Cora hypermarket opened in 1974, offering a Drive service, gallery of around thirty shops.  The new Centre Commerciale Shop’In Cambrai has 30 shops, a cafeteria and a Cora hypermarket . The Shop’in Cambrai shopping center was created in 1987, completely revamped in November 2019, the center welcomes its visitors in a modern, bright, warm and connected environment to offer them an even more pleasant shopping experience! Pic for the memories of always!

Cambrai Cora supermarket cafeteria PF et boys jun02

The official Cora hypermarket in Cambrai: https://www.cora.fr/magasins/cambrai-m-82

The centre commerciale Shop’in Cambrai on getting there : https://www.shopin-cambrai.com/fr/horaires-acces

There you go folks, down in memory lane for my family. Glad found the picture and have the story in my blog for all times’ sake. You will do well to seek them out while in the region of Hauts de France and along the Belgium-France border. Hope you enjoy the post of this off the beaten path gem ,Cora in Cambrai !

And remember, happy travels, good health , and many cheers to all !!!

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