Fort Bloqué of Ploemeur !

And this is one of the nicest coastal town here for the off the beaten path traveler and road warrior like me. It is south of my home on the coastal beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne! I saw glimpses of it in other posts and no pictures, so decided to write a new post with older pictures  to tell you about the Fort Bloqué of Ploemeur ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Fort-Bloqué is the name of an emblematic village on the coast. Its name comes from the fort built on an islet. Accessible on foot at low tide, it becomes an island again at high tide. There is an ok beach at Plage du Fort Bloqué ( 1 900 meters long),that continues into neighboring town of Guidel plage (better here) . Fort Bloqué was integrated into the fortification network defending Lorient. During WWII it was part of the Atlantic wall done by the Nazis, not much is known of its use even then.


A bit of history: on October 1, 1746, forty English ships landed 4,500 men on the beach at Loc’h. They took the towns of Guidel and Ploemeur before attacking Lorient. They will be pushed back a few days later. To prepare for a new landing, a battery was built in 1748 on the islet of Keragan. A century later, a small fort was built with ramparts, it is Fort Bloqué that we know now. There were no dwellings before, just moorland. Little by little the inhabitants settled from the 60s.


Fort-Bloqué is a fortification in the town of Ploemeur. It was built following the siege of Lorient with the aim of strengthening the system of fortifications on the Atlantic coast of Brittany. Located on Keragan Island, an islet accessible only at low tide, it was built on the initiative of the Governor of Brittany Louis-Jean-Marie de Bourbon, Duke of Penthièvre. The fort was built between 1747 and 1758 to combat England’s pretentiousness following the War of the Austrian Succession,

The horseshoe battery, open to the mainland, was equipped with 4 guns, served by a few gunners; its shots, which can be crossed with those of the pointe du Loch, built in 1756. It was mainly used to cover the citadel of Port-Louis (see post) and to secure the estuary of the Laïta ,In 1846, the fort was equipped with a reduced ” type 1846 n°2″ and was one of the four most important forts for the defense of Lorient (see posts) during the second half of the 19C. In 1871 the battery was completely closed by the construction of an arcade wall, forming a small fort; popular usage then called it  Fort-Bloqué. The fort was finally sold in 1967, becoming private property, and sold thereafter several times, the last in 2019.

The South Brittany Lorient tourist office on the coastal towns like Ploemeur

The city of Ploemeur on the Fort Bloqué beach but see pic the Fort is ahead! :

The Plages TV site on the Fort Bloqué beach

We live very close and we do walks around these towns on the weekends when we are not away so far we have seen hundreds but many more hundreds to see lol! Ploemeur is one dandy we have come back to. The Fort Bloqué is a wonderful view from the beach at low tide is sublime.  Hope you enjoy the post as I !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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