Again Saint Goustan!!!

Since finding this spot when I first move to the Morbihan back in May 2011; I felled in love with Saint Goustan , a harbor district of AurayI have several posts on the city that was  my first official city for all errands, and administrative needs. Therefore, I just want to give you another glance of this wonderful harbor from my vault of pictures, Auray is in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne ,right on the ria of Auray river that continues flowing into the Gulf of Morbihan and then into the Atlantic Ocean! It is now only 14 km (about 9 miles) from my house !


Overlooking the port, the foothills of the former castle of Auray offers a beautiful point of view, you can admire the stone bridge with four arches and the half-timbered houses. Two old districts shape the town: the upper town centered around the Saint-Gildas Church and the lower town on the banks of the Loc’h river, ramps built on the ruins of the fortified castle.(see posts).


The most picturesque shore is joined by crossing the 13C four-arched stone bridge. Place Saint-Sauveur with its curved cobblestones is framed by opulent half-timbered and corbelled houses. The steep alleys, interspersed with steps, attack the district, lined with half-timbered facades. The residences of the 15C and 16C display a respectable allure, which in the evening slums in the rustle of the café terraces.


Suggested in your visit, taking the Ramps du Loch which overlooks the river, built on the foothills of the old castle of Auray, this pedestrian path offers a very beautiful view of the port of Saint Goustan and allows you to descend there by passing by a belvedere, made up of stepped square courtyards, erected in 1727 on the remains of the fortified castle of which some ruins can still be seen. At the foot of the ramps, you can then enjoy a walk along the river or cross it by crossing the Saint Goustan stone bridge and access the picturesque port of the same name on the other bank.

auray st goustan river loch chateau ruins jul13
To end your visit, take the pedestrian (and steep!) rue du Château which goes up towards the upper town . This street of artists is dotted with art galleries (painting, sculpture, photography) and artisan shops. So take all your time and enjoy this marvelous port of Saint Goustan !!!


The city of Auray on its heritage see circuit Saint Goustan

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Saint Goustan

The Bateaux pleasure boating magazine on Saint Goustan :,

There you go folks, a dandy in my backyard. Saint Goustan is like nothing have change from the 16C, buildings, streets, you name it. There is a large artists colony here with wonderful paintings, sculptures, knitting items galore! And of course, one of the best out and about place closest to our home. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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