Again Sainte Anne d’Auray!!

I passed by it again today so many times it seems I live here… This is historically, architecturally stunning Sainte Anne d’Auray! I will be telling you again about Sainte Anne d’Auray and the Basilica of Sainte Anne (sse posts); with new pictures to my blog.  The town only has about 2738 inhabitants !

sainte anne d auray bas ste anne back apr12

In the 17C, Sainte-Anne-d’Auray or Ker Anna was a small hamlet in the former primitive parish of Pluneret. It was in 1623 that Sainte Anne appeared to Yves Nicolazic and Sainte-Anne-d’Auray became, from that moment on, the parish where the greatest pardon in Brittany took place. The saint venerated at Sainte-Anne-d’Auray “Santez Anna beniget” is the wife of Saint Joachim, that is to say the mother of the Blessed Virgin and the grandmother of Jesus. Hence, the Breton here call it the grandmother!

sainte anne d auray bas ste anne right side up jun13

I have written on this religious town often as it is just 20 minutes from my house. However, on July 25-26 each year  will be the pardon holy day of Sainte Anne  in the town,. The town was full on all these days with more than half a million folks. It reminds me of my Spanish brotherhood processions in Holy Week.

sainte anne d auray bas ste anne passing may17

This fascinating place brings together thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year. Sainte-Anne, the patron saint of Brittany is celebrated here every July 26 with a grand procession. Did you know ? Le Pardon, a typically Breton pilgrimage, is here called Grand Pardon. No doubt because this unifying moment made Sainte-Anne-d’Auray the second place of pilgrimage in France (after Lourdes) and the rank of the largest pilgrimage in Brittany.

sainte Anne d Auray bas ste anne Ste Anne and rosary jun12

The next Grand Pardon will be held from Monday July 25, 2022 to Tuesday July 26, 2022. Le Grand Pardon is a remarkable expression of the Breton soul. Imbued with culture, faith and popular traditions, this summer pilgrimage celebrates Sainte Anne, the patron saint of Brittany, who appeared in Sainte-Anne-d’Auray in 1624. Programme: Sunday July 25 18h: first vespers 19h: start of confessions 20h: vigil Mass 21h30: vigil at the Memorial ,All night long: adoration in the basilica Monday, July 26 8h: lauds 9h: Mass in Breton 10h30 : pontifical Mass at the Memorial 14h30: musical moment 15h: rosary 15h30: pontifical vespers : wearing a mask and sanitary pass are mandatory,

sainte anne d auray bas ste anne nave right side jun12

Take the time to stroll through the wooded park, a small haven of peace in this authentic site which will take you to the gates of the Basilica. Rich in history, this majestic building in the neo-Gothic style, Once inside, take a tour and let yourself be impressed by the beauty of the stained glass windows, the height of the vaults and the finesse of the sculptures. As you leave, take a short break in front of the miraculous fountain: it is here that the first appearance of Sainte Anne to Yvon Nicolazic is said to have taken place in 1624. Continue the discovery of this bewitching heritage by stopping at the foot of the Scala Santa , then in front of the monumental statue in the park. (see posts).

sainte anne d auray bas ste anne organ side wall jun12

The official Sanctuary of Sainte Anne:

The city of Sainte Anne d’Auray on the religious heritage :

The Bay of Quiberon local tourist office on Sainte Anne d’Auray::

There you go folks, again, a day is needed to see this wonderful spot and very worth the detour for those traveling along the N24 or N165.  It is worth it to understand the history of Brittany as well as  France, and the beautiful architecture if not the religious fervor that it attracts. The Basilica of Sainte Anne is worth the detour.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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