Sports and Erdeven !

I have come again to Erdeven, a beach resort with many nice monuments , you can see my posts on it, However, this time came for a unique event, Oh by the way , Erdeven is in my beautifuil dept 56 Morbihan just south of me on the coast, about 30 min drive. The name of Erdeven comes from the Breton “ar en tewen” or on the dune.

We went to the Complexe Sportif du Grand Large on rue de le stade along the D781 to see one of my sons play football with our town Pluvigner vs Erdeven, The fields are nice , big with lots of families there even picnics on the lawn and plays of football/soccer, tennis, and skate park !

Erdeven sports complex field may22

We lost the team is missing players this year and even thus my son is No 9 forward, he volunteer to play goalie for this game !! He is gentle and nice men ! Of course, sorry to not mention the score but they lost by wide margin as he has never played goalie before and the defense well was not there,

Erdeven sports complex Remi dressup for goalie duties may22

Erdeven sports complex Remi playing goalie may22

Erdeven sports complex Remi plays goalie on a corner may22Anyway, an opportunity to have this family moment on my blog as we came even with our dog Rex and my Dad on wheelchair !

Erdeven sports complex NF Rex et Pipo may22

The town of Erdeven on practical information

The Bay of Quiberon  tourist office on Erdeven

There you go folks, once in a while I put up posts of our daily life in my beautiful Morbihan and lovely Bretagne of my belle France, I know the glitter but is all everyday simple family life with lots of benefits, like just south from us about 50 beaches, sports complexes, nature trails, marina harbors and just plain la vie est belle syndrome ! Again, hope you enjoy this facet of life in France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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