The Abbey of Daoulas , part II !!

Right off the bat, I have a previous post on the abbey with most of its history and pictures, However, looking at my vault , realised several pictures were not in the original post as were too many, Therefore, I will do a second post sort of a pictorial on the Abbey of Daoulas, Daoulas is a town in the department of Finistere no 29, in the lovely region of Bretagne.

Daoulas abbaye ch ND chapel ext belltower sep21

The Abbey of Daoulas concentrates in one place the centers of interest: one appreciates the quality of the gardens of medicinal plants and trees from all over the world which invite the senses and the spirit to travel, one discovers there the richness of the diversity culture through exhibitions that invite you to discover the Other.

Daoulas abbaye ch ND chapel ext altar sep21

The Abbey of Daoulas has the rare privilege of concentrating in one place the centers of interest: the charm of the gardens and their botanical diversity, the heritage quality of the site and the unique opportunity to discover distant cultures thanks to the annual exhibitions. Founded from the 12C by the regular canons of the order of Saint-Augustin, the Abbey of Daoulas still preserves beautiful testimonies of its initial splendor today like the 12C abbey church (now the parish church), a Romanesque cloister and its basin remarkable, a fountain and a 16C oratory.

Daoulas abbaye ch ND chapel sep21

The Abbey of Daoulas overlooks the small town of Daoulas, once a strategic port between Léon and Cornouaille. It still preserves today beautiful testimonies of its initial splendor: a Romanesque cloister, remains of community buildings from the 13C. Sold during the French revolution, transformed into a bourgeois residence in the 19C then occupied by a religious congregation and a school after the wars, the site tells, through its transformations, the great History.

Daoulas abbaye ch ND chapel portrait sep21

It has exceptional gardens, including the simple garden bringing together species representative of the traditional pharmacopoeias of the five continents. All worth the detour I said.

Daoulas abbaye ch ND Christ on Cross sep21

The city of Daoulas on the abbey :

The Landerneau-Daoulas tourist office on the abbey :

The Bretagne region tourist board on the abbey

There you go folks, you are now arm to come see this jewel of my lovely Bretagne, and belle France, Daoulas is super, small but packing a lot of history/architecture in it, worth the detour, me think. Hope you enjoy it as I did.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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