The Bac boat of Concarneau!!

Now this one was hidden in my picture vault and thought told you about it but did not. Therefore, here is new text and new older pictures to talk about the passing boat or bac of Concarneau in Finistére dept 29 of my lovely Bretagne, and my belle France.

The ferry of the passage or Bac is thus this small boat which makes you cross the entry of the port, of the Passage Lanriec by place Duquesne with the Ville Close or enclosed city, thus avoiding you the turn by the bridge of Moros or by the dry dock if you pass by the fishing port (normally reserved for port users). Very interesting therefore to get to town quickly and very entertaining for visitors to Concarneau. This crossing of around 200 meters is the smallest cruise in the world with a journey that lasts only 3 min.


The electric ferry “Le Vachic” is a catamaran with a capacity of 30 people, quieter, it also provides more comfort to users due in particular to the absence of olfactory nuisances. The reduced space between the ship and the pontoon as well as the presence of a docking hook secures the boarding and alighting of passengers. A screen, placed on board, allows the diffusion of information on the city and its many animations. Four passing boats provide this service, which depends on the city/town hall of Concarneau. Throughout the year, the ferry operates from 8h to 18h30. From July 1 to August 31, round trips continue until 23h.


Since the Middle Ages, a passing boat or Bac has shuttled between the Ville-Close (enclosed city) and the Lanriec district located on the other side of the channel. The oldest written testimonies relating to its activity date from 1678 when the Abbey of Landevennec owned the right of way. This service, private for several centuries, became municipal in 1976, placed under the responsibility of the marina and the city of Concarneau.

The city of Concarneau on the bac boat :

And of course, we had to have lunch and we went as in several occasions to the restaurant in the Les Grands Voyageurs Hôtel across from the Ville Close of Concarneau. This have mentioned before but these are pictures not in my blog yet as well. We of course not stayed but should be fun for the entire family, we always had our lunch here. Recommended by all who stopped here even French family visiting!

concarneau hotel resto les grands voyageurs oct14

Its geographical location offers you a breathtaking view of the Ville Close, the Fishing Port, and the Port de Plaisance. This big granite building is an entity. Indeed, since 1787, the building has been a Hotel. Gustave Flaubert, many personalities, many artists have stayed at Les Grands Voyageurs. The place was called: the Grand Hotel des Voyageurs, then in 1962 called Les Voyageurs, before resuming its titles of nobility in 2002 by being called Les Grands Voyageurs

The official Le Grand Voyageurs hotel/resto :

There you go folks, a dandy combination to take a nice pretty ride back and forth on the Bac, and then lunch or dinner at the restaurant in the Les Grands Voyageurs Hôtel! Hope you enjoy this post on nice things to do in Concarneau.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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