Again by the Créperie Saint Sauveur of St Goustan!!!

Again, I had another get together with a collegue and of course, told her to meet at the by now second home of the Créperie Saint Sauveur of Saint Goustan lower town of Auray, I have here numerous times and always the friendly service and good food, The Créperie Saint Sauveur has been our central eatery and already good friends with the owners which we have even encountered doing the groceries! Of course, hightly recommended.

Auray st goustan arriving pl st sauveurs may22

Again I came here and it was packed, no problem they found us a table in the small terrace of the hilly cobblestone street, so quant, I was impressed by the fact that the owner upon entering the place came to greet me with a hand shake and chat, and then the wife came by and greeted me again, It is so nice to come to a place you enjoy and be greeted this way, superbe !  This is in the wonderful district or lower town of Saint Goustan, a port!  While coming to Saint Goustan we felled in love with the place and spent time on it. Moving up from the Place Saint Sauveur we came upon a hilly cobblestone street and voilà we found the Créperie Saint Sauveur! It has been a wonderful place for us and my dear late wife Martine love it !!

Auray st goustan crep des sauveurs from terrace to kitchen may22

The owners husband and wife are now join by 3 other servers and the place has grown to now packed proportions and reservations recommended. We have come across them several times while doing our groceries in the hypermarket! It is good that the service and food has not changed over the years since 2012 !! ; memories never to be forgotten already, This time we kept it simple and fast with a andouille, red onions and mustard galette, and a chocolate crêpe wash down with a garafe of cider brut all for 15 euros, All with great company and lots of chat over our working years,

Auray st goustan crep des sauveurs front may22

The official  Créperie Saint Sauveur

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Créperie Saint Sauveur

There you go folks, another memorable visit to the Créperie Saint Sauveur, Usually do not write about restos in one post and never repeated but this place has magical setting, medieval look , great food and good prices with friendly service to boot ! I will be back ! You will do good to come here when in the area, remember Saint Goustan in Auray, of my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne. Hope you enjoy the post as I,

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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