The Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca!!

This is new post with older picture that again was not in my blog but needs to be. To give you an all around taste of this wonderful memorable city of Cuenca. The Teatro Auditorio or Auditorium theater of Cuenca has not been inside but took a ride by it and its impressive. Let me tell you a bit about it; and hope you enjoy the post as I

The theater is right next to the hill of Socorro or relief with an impressive Christ on top that I have on another post in my blog. The views are impressive of all the old town of Cuenca, and was told from the inside all can seen as well! The Auditorium Theater of Cuenca was inaugurated on April 6, 1994. The building, with a modern structure and design, occupies the space that was previously excavated by a quarry, on the slopes of Cerro del Socorro, next to the Huécar river and facing the old city. A wide and slender staircase leads to a large lookout square. A light canopy precedes the glazed entrance, behind which the spacious and bright halls open. The entire main façade is glazed, so that from any point of the building the impressive spectacle of the old town of Cuenca is visible, almost within reach.


It has two rooms or salas, The Sala Uno (room one) is distributed in several sectors and levels, so that a pleasant feeling of intimacy is achieved, very different from that produced by gigantic crowded auditoriums. The stage of this room allows three environmental arrangements: theatrical type, musical type (by mounting an acoustic box) and in front of the opening curtain. Sala Dos or (room two), coquettish and welcoming, has a semicircular layout, typical of university auditoriums. It is very suitable for conferences, medium-sized assemblies, symposiums, seminars, presentations, etc.

The official theater auditorium of Cuenca :

The Culture heritage of Castilla La Mancha region on the theater (with nicer picture)  :

Inside the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca there is a nice restaurant which again not tried yet but looking forward to eventually on my next visit to the city.  The pic above is from below to the resto corner. For memory, I put the link here:

There you go folks, a slight feature of my road warrior trips in lovely Cuenca. Another spot to come back to eventually. Hope you enjoy knowing about the Teatro Auditorio de Cuenca as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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