More curiosities of eternal Paris!!

We cannot be too far away from Paris ,even if not the same as when I came here first in 1972 ! Even if the desire to see the mouvable feast that is France will keep me away from it ,Paris memories will be remembered from wherever I will be… I like to touch on something that have come several times, first on business and then with the family several times. I found some older new pictures in my vault and like to share the memories in my blog with you all. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

The area of the Canal Saint Martin way back by the Villette (see posts), and on rue de Crimée 19éme arrondissement of Paris was one of my hangout areas way back as was consulting/advising on business propositions to new hotels/bars there on a group of British investors. Therefore, needed to be there several times ,and like the area to bring the family afterward. The highlight of these trips took me to the Hostal St Christopher’s now St Christopher’s Inn Paris-Canal and their beloved Belushi’s Bar !!! As well as the Rotonde Stalingrand!!

Briefly, this was a very affordable hostal with many folks not just young but families and older folks in a lively auberge ambiance, The hostal started in England and investors did one there, Of course, never stayed but visited all over and was very nice. Its been a while for me back there but I see that is still there after so many years, so it must have been a good investment ! The St Christopher’s Inn Paris-Canal at 64-72 Quai de la Seine contains a bar and club, with discounts on drinks and « what visitors assure us is ‘good-value, yummy food’. Our guests have said this hostel has a ‘good atmosphere downstairs and always has heaps of people around’, ‘perfect for people that want to have some fun ». Voted Hostelworld’s most popular Hostel in Paris 2014, 2013 and 2012! With a waterfront terrace on the canal, and a 15 minute walk from the Zenith concert hall.  Guests can eat at Belushi’s and La Criée La Villette located a 5-minute walk from the property. The building replaces one of the two warehouses of the Magasins Généraux du Bassin de la Villette, destroyed by fire in 1990. It is thus a contemporary reflection of its twin located just on the other side of the drawbridge on rue de Crimée , The Inn is located at the corner of the Quai de la Seine and rue de Crimée, at the end of the Bassin de la Villette.

The official St Christopher’s Inn Paris Canal

Paris la criee et okay cafe canal st martin nov11

Once there you could not avoid the Belushi’s Bar,  a chain with many in various cities in Europe. In Paris at 159 rue de Crimée, inside St Christopher’s hostel. Metro Crimée line 7 or Laumiére line 5. They now have another one at Gare du Nord! At Crimée it has five big screen TVs for all the action and great burgers, an American style diner in Paris. Long Happy Hours, a huge range of burgers, great music, live music every week! You can take advantage of the happy hour every day from 16h to 21h which offers you unique prices on drinks and food. Being one of the best sports bars in Paris, they broadcast all the biggest sporting events live.

The official Belushi’s bar Paris Canal :

Paris hostal st christophe bar belushi's nov11

The La Rotonde Stalingrad, at Place de la Bataille de Stalingrad 6-8. The Brunch is offered as a buffet and begins with the choice between a glass of fresh orange juice or a glass of champagne, you cannot missed this one if not yet there, It is the haunt of lovers of gustatory pleasures, art, and emerging DJs. You can have a bite to eat at the Trattoria, visit the current exhibition at the gallery, sip a cocktail at the bar or even dance at the mini-club. La Trattoria by Gustu is the project of a Corsican gourmet, Christophe Poligani, Le Refuge by Gustu is the cocktail and wine bar, For more than four years, the mini-club has been welcoming the cream of the electronic scene, The gallery is a space dedicated to culture which hosts exhibitions, screenings, pop-up stores and all types of events related to Parisian art in general. And it has the largest terrace in Paris ! I have a pic when renovations started!  A bit of history of what was here tell us that the building was built in 1784 just before the French revolution, This was the Le Grand Marché de Stalingrad that over time has become a gourmet & design space, a haven for gourmets eager to travel and Mediterranean flavors.

The official La Rotonde Stalingrad

Paris la rotunda resto renov nov11

This is Paris at its new meeting spot, and folks looking for the la vie en rose à la Française! Paris is eternal, the most beautiful city in the world. You would do well coming by here and enjoy this up and coming area still a bit off the beaten path of my Paris. You have a wonderful combination of St Christopher’s Inn, Belushi’s bar and La Rotonde Stalingrad ! Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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