One two punch eateries in Barcelona!!!

As said visited the city several times and cannot get over the foodie as I am, No different in Barcelona and will like to update this older post for you and me, As often, the case, I come to discover these gems usually on business trips and then if worth it bring alone the family in subsequents trips ,and even sometimes do the opposite. The culinary, wine lover in me is well at home in Europe! One city that is rank right up there with the best is Barcelona, Spain. A blend of Catalan, Mediterranean and other Spanish dishes all in one city , sounds good , let me tell you a bit more ok.

You will have an authentic Catalan and Mediterranean experience at the L’Amfora. Enjoy a beautiful maritime environment with your family while you savor the tapas selection, traditional paellas, exquisite grilled meats and the most selected seafood from their tank. Obviously, do not miss the typical desserts and  popular  sangria of Cava Catalan. They have vegetarian and vegan multiple options and children menus. They are  located next to de crowded Plaça de Espanya square, The Fira Congress Palace and The Magic Fountain of Montjuic.



This is the L’Amfora restaurant that was first found with friends and then family. All worth it. Very centrally located and you must try their super Paella delicious!!!

The official Restaurant L’Amfora :

For an even local and good conversation topic meal head for the restaurante Casa de Tapas Cañota not far from Plaça de Espanya square and very nice place , friendly and a long football/soccer chat with the Argentinian server living there for more than 10 years! A nice place to come back, eat, drink and watch a game!


In the Eixample district you will find this gem Restaurant Casa de Tapas Cañota, a place where the classic spirit merges with a fabulous offer of tapas. Its renovated decoration, by the designer Ana Pujadas, turns this place into a casual and informal restaurant with striking graphic illustrations.  The menu is informal and economical and is based on excellent tapas of great variety for all tastes, without neglecting the quality that characterizes the products of this restaurant. In Casa de Tapas Cañota you can have a good time in the company of friends watching football and tasting some tapas; it also has a heated terrace with access to the disabled. You can not stop going to the place where the quality and the good price meet. Enjoy as I did on several times !!!


The official Casa de Tapas restaurant :

There you go folks, there are many more and even more popular and surely maybe good ones, I have tried others. However, these two are memorable that we will look after them to be back with the family or friends. Enjoy the one two punch of eateries in Barcelona!

And remember, happy travels, good health and many cheers to all!!!

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