Las Ventas Monumental bullring of Madrid!!!

I will update this older post of a sentimental monument for me. I lived not to far from it and when a boy used to walked by and played on its vast esplanade without much attention to it. Little by little I was submerge into the history my grandparents told me, and now able to see first hand and it was sublime. Over my time there was able to come several times with friends of workers at the bullring and it was spectacular! Somehow it has stayed with me and passed by it every time in Madrid even doing lunch around it with my family. The Las Ventas Monumental bullring of Madrid is awesome!Let met tell you a bit more of it. Recall, Madrid to heaven and a hole on the sky to look down on it every day! You get here on foot best, but also Metro Ventas lines 2 and 5(mine!). Also, bus lines 21,38, 53,106 ,110,110, and more.


One of the cultural and historic icon of the city is the Las Ventas bullfight arena (aka Monumental)The inaugural poster dates back to 1931. A replica is found in the Puerta Grande ( big entrance gate). On that occasion, eight matadors took part in the first bullfight of Las Ventas on June 16. However, the official opening was in 1934. In 1947 Livinio Stuyck created the San Isidro Fair coinciding with the patron’s Saint day. It is, at present, the fair with the greatest number of celebrations.


In Madrid many bullrings have been built over the centuries. They were found at the Plaza Mayor, then at the Buen Retiro, then at the Puerta de Alcalá. A new bullring was built not far from the Las Ventas bullring in 1874 but from the beginning of the 20C, it was too small to accommodate fervent bullfighting enthusiasts. The arena that we know today was then built to allow as many people as possible to come and watch the bullfights.


The dimensions are impressive: the ruedo (the track) is 60 meters in diameter and the corridor that surrounds it, called the callejón, is 2.2 meters wide. It can accommodate precisely 23,798 people, making it the largest arena in Spain (by capacity and size), and the 3rd largest worldwide.  Las Ventas is the name given to the bullring in Madrid because it was called the area in which it is located ,the neighborhood of Ventas and in the district of Ciudad Lineal (same as mine). It was built in Neo-mudéjar style, with metal structure and brick façade. The locations are distributed in 10 lines, grouped into three zones: shadow zone, consisting of lines 9, 10, 1 and 2; sun zone, consisting of lines 4, 5, 6 and 7; zone of sun and shade, composed of lines 3 and 8. These lines are divided in turn into locations of high and low lines, stands and barrage. The most expensive and the cheapest are the shadow entrances, the price decreases as they move away from the ring. The building consists of four floors, with circular galleries that lead to the different locations.


There is also a nice ,and informative Museo Taurino or Bullfighting Museum at the back, inaugurated on May 15, 1951 coinciding with the festival of San Isidro Labrador, patron of the city. Located in the Patio de Caballos offers its visitors a coherent and attractive set of bullfighting history and its relevance in the history of Spain and its culture. Indeed for those confused it should be visited, and for the lovers is a must. The museum has a  chapel dedicated to the patron saints of Mexico (the Virgin of Guadalupe) and Madrid (the Virgin of Paloma), as well as an infirmary with two state-of-the-art operating rooms to treat wounds. immediately.  In addition, it has three cultural rooms: the Antonio Bienvenida Room, the Antoñete Room and the Cossío Room, which also houses a library with more than 2,000 volumes. In them exhibitions and informative acts take place throughout the season.


Las Ventas bullring can be visited every day from 10h to 17h30. Except for the days of celebration that the access is closed four hours before the celebration. The tour includes a visit to the Bullfighting Museum , the Grid Gate, Chapel, Nursing Hall, Alley and Arena. There is also an audio guide tour available in 8 languages (Spanish, Italian, English, French, German, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese).

The Official Las Ventas bullring

The Official Las Ventas bullring tours guided visits

The Madrid tourist office on the museum :

The Madrid tourist office on the bullring

The Las Ventas Monumental bullring is an integral part of Spanish culture and Madrid history. This mythical place is an essential part of a visit to Madrid, whatever your opinion of bullfighting. There you go folks, another dandy and we came by to do some historical architectural educational talk with my sons. Hope you enjoy it as we do

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers!!!

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