The Mesón 5 Bellotas of San Lorenzo de El Escorial!!

Well what do you do in a very popular tourist attraction in my dear Spain? Well after seeing the wonderful Royal Monastery, and in plain sunshine , the best is a young red wine or cold beer on a table overlooking a square in wonderful San Lorenzo de El Escorial in the Comunidad de Madrid.

We have come here since 1990 with my dear late wife Martine. IN fact, while there with her VW Golf car, we had a flat tire and needed to call for a local garage to come and take the car to fix the tire very nicely and quick. We love to come here ever since!

As to eating well true to making a one day trip from Madrid ,we chose for lunch the memorable Meson 5 Bellotas, Calle de La Reina Victoria 10,facing Plaza de la Cruz. We come for lunch , and tapas galore we have bits and pieces of different ones including the famous grilled toast with all kinds of goodies on top your selection as well as theirs. The views over the square is nice and lots of people seeing going on! This is the Plaza de la Cruz. 


We are lucky to have known  Mesón 5 Bellotas,  because each time we are very nicely welcome and always a good quality/price ratio.  The management/owner is very nice too. You can always taste delicious tapas that are the specialty here as well as known for its cold beer!  You do well to stop by and try the Méson 5 Bellotas , not far from the monastery main entrance.


They have no webpage but reviews can be found in Restaurant Guru on the Meson 5 Bellotas:

There you go folks, the Meson 5 Bellotas is another memorable family place forever, we had good times and funny times coming here and we love it. See my other posts on San Lorenzo de El Escorial in my blog. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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