Again by Port du Crouesty!!

Again by Port du Crouesty, well my good friend invited me over for a nice meal and drink in his boat  and could not say no. I took care the house with the boys and jump on to Port du Crouesty about an hour from my house. This is the latest on the wonderfully beautiful Port du Crouesty in the town of Arzon, in my beautiful Morbihan dept 56 of my lovely Bretagne.

arzon crouesty boat blue lagoon OF at quai O mar22

I have written several posts on Port du Crouesty and Arzon in my blog, so this is another one. Do refer to my other posts in search, wonderful beautiful area indeed worth the detour.

The Port du Crouesty marina in Arzon, is one of the largest ports in southern Brittany. Located in the heart of the Bay of Quiberon,this marina has much more to offer than what it can show at first sight. If Southern Brittany offers many small fishing ports full of charm, several large marinas allow you to benefit from many services. Among these large marinas, the Crouesty is one of the main marinas in southern Brittany.

arzon crouesty quai O to water tower mar22

Port du Crouesty is located at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, in the Bay of Quiberon. Very well protected from all winds, on the Ruys peninsula, it is an important stopover on the way to the Ponant islands. It is one of the largest ports in Brittany. It has 1432 places on pontoons, including 130 places for visitors. As the port is part of the Passeport Escale program, the number of places may be higher depending on the movement of the boats. Alongside these berths on pontoons, the port offers 500 berths on land.

arzon crouesty boat OF to town restos shops mar22

It all starts with reception. The port team is really welcoming and accessible, After a good navigation, you can enjoy the quality of the port services. The toilets are modern and clean. The pontoons are equipped with electricity, water and garbage cans. You have an Intermarché supermarket within walking distance and all other amenities. Finally, in summer, it makes it clear that a summer atmosphere reigns all along the port. There are Thalasso and many fine sandy beaches and campsites are probably not for nothing. The many shops, restaurants and bars stay open late into the evening. Quite a shock if you have spent a few days on the islands. The proximity of the Gulf of Morbihan is an opportunity to discover splendid landscapes. You can take beautiful hikes along the beaches overlooking the ocean, or on the Gulf side, discover the many small ports, often simple slipways, hidden in the heart of the Gulf. I am thinking, for example, of Logéo or Porz Neze. A walk to Port-Navalo or tandem bike as we have too, to discover the entrance to the Gulf and, on the other side, the Pointe de Kerpenhir, in Locmariaquer, (see posts) will allow you to observe the currents at the entrance to the Gulf. Finally, discover the history of the peninsula by visiting the Château de Suscinio or the Abbey of Saint Gildas de Ruys, (see posts) one of the great figures in the history of Brittany. Go back even further in history by discovering the many Neolithic sites like the Cairn du Petit Mont (see post).

arzon crouesty quai O boats mar22

The city of Arzon on Port du Crouesty:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist board on Port du Crouesty :

The harbors passeport escales on port du Crouesty:

There you go folks, a nice time spent with good friend in a beautiful setting, Port du Crouesty. Of course, the boating need contact/friend but the rest is open to the public and it is very popular with locals and visitors alike so come early. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!!

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