My walk of Provins!!!

And I take you again to my memorable Seine et Marne and one its precious medieval towns for a walk of Provins. For the walk, will be in my black and white series, no pictures. Another precious town visited long ago with my dear late wife Martine , and need to be back for the memories when possible. Hope you enjoy this famous medieval town of Provins as I.

And I take you to Provins, admit not been here enough to see it all just passing quick for a day but one of the marvels of the Seine et Marne dept 77 in the Île de France region.

They said this was a Roman outpost but no evidence is shown, Provins is high on a hill at the extreme of the plains of Brie and was probably évangélise in the 3C before conquered by Clovis and shown interest of Charlemagne. The Voulzie made turn windmills such as the Durteint brings many tradesmen from the 12C.

The fuller’s earth gave greasy properties to the black sheets of Provins before the coming of wool, The extraction of this earth makes for subterranean cellars and vaulted grottos with sculpture chapters that serves as military and defensive hideouts, You can visit these places today organise from the caveau du Saint Esprit near the porte de Jouy, place du Châtel, Hôtel Dieu at rue Saint Thibault.

There is great commercial activity by the place Saint Ayoul with the Church Saint Ayoul done in 1048 to the relics of the Saint. It was built at the foot of the former Chapelle Saint Médard of 996, It has three portals from the 12C, In the 16C a gallery was done covered in balustrade and skylight staircase turret,

The rue Vieille Notre Dame where the tour Notre Dame du Val the last vestige of the church and cloister built in 1358 joins the Church Sainte Croix, To the north see the pretty gardens jardin Garnier and the bushes of the promenades d’Aligre marking the limits of a medieval rampart of 5 km. From the convent of Cordeliéres not far you have a great view of the city below. Today it is the archive center of the regional press attach to the national library.

You go up the upper town with nice mansions in renaissance style such as Trois Singes, Villegagnon etc with stairs going to the fields below and a view of the Hôtel Dieu former palace of the countess of Blois and Champagne that was turn into a hospital, and takes you to the place du Châtel and the vestiges of the Church Saint Thibault dating from the 12C,

At the center of this neighborhood you have a free town with the old chapters of the counts of Champagne where it throne the Edits stone, Behind it the maison des Quatre Pignons a very prize tavern by the merchants with a new couch recently, The maison des Petits Plaids remind us that the provost of Provins read laws and pleas from here, Around the Place du Châtel the adjoining streets have the hôtel de la Coquille a stop by the pigrims of St James of Compostela, de Savigny, or de la Buffette,

Here Balzac was inspired to write Pierrette while lodging in the salon literature of madame Angebert dating from the 13C, Facing it you see Tour César and donjon connecting to the ramparts, You need to walk this Provins a nice effort on its cobblestone and hilly roads but all worth it me think, There is a lot more.

The Provins tourist office :

The Seine et Marne tourist office on Provins:

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my belle France. This one in memorable nostalgic Seine et Marne and the beautiful medieval town of Provins. Again, hope you enjoy the post and looking forward to revisit soon.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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