How about the islands between the Seine and Marne rivers !!

Yes they are plenty and not seen them all but have some and they are lovely even if rush by them. I like to give them credit in my blog in my black and white series, no pictures. Hope you enjoy this post as some off the beaten path places, the islands between the Seine and Marne rivers!!

Very close to the busy world of Paris you have several islands that covers the Seine and Marne rivers, These oasis promise evasion, adventure, relaxation, and wonderful sights, Once the gates of Paris passed, the rest is heavens,

On the île Fanac that since the Secone Empire has one of the oldest nautical society, and by the end of the 19C started the guinguettes, gone for most part after WWII they are reborn, You have the happy times at the Chez Gégéne, Goulué or the guinguette in the île du Martin-Pêcheur in Champigny sur Marne.

You continue to Nogent and the île des Loups with 7 hectares and name by Marcel Carné, painter Raoul Dufy, and writer Patrick Modiano, The island has an abundance of flowers.

On the other side of the Seine with a view of the high risers of La Défense we come to the île de Chatou and of course go to Chez Fournaise, and the impressionists fame. A bit more further you come to the bac d’Herblay to gain the agro park of Achéres for a lunch on the grass along the île d’Herblay.

Coming towards the Yvelines dept 78 my former home you come next to Mantes la Jolie, and to the île de Migneaux even passing by the route N184 you still find heaven here with lots of peniche boats anchored, You do go to the île du Platais where Guy de Maupassant anchored with his Nana, and if the Paradou of Emile Zola disappeared , the isle still offer pleasure with its sandy beach of Vilennes and several bungalows by the water.

Passing the pont de Mantes (12C) made famous by Corot in 1865 you find a trio of islands , Limay, aux Dames, and Aumône. Between La Roche Guyon and Vétheuil the route des Crêtres overlook the valley of the Seine with green islands such as Chantemesle the biggest, And not far with several pine trees you have the Haute Isle.

These islands in addition to others as there are about 50 known that come along the Seine and the Marne you will discover the pleasure and good living sometimes on foot or more often in canoes ou renting a small pénichette boat. In all take your time this is slow travel at its best.

One anecdote, in 1825 the Menier family comes to Noisiel on the banks of the Marne river to make chocolates, Many like Eiffel went themselves to do the pont Hardi taking you to the island, the windmill, the cathedral , halle Eiffel, Today it houses HQ of Néstle France. The chocolate factory is open to the public once a year during Heritage Days. And again, my dear late wife Martine maternal grandmother Fourré worked in the Menier factory in Noisiel!

There are several webpages on the islands but easy to find in google. I just leave you with the story from one of my old travel magazines. The islands are always picturesque romantic and a good spot to be away from hussle of big cities around. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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