My most beautiful villages of Île de France!!!

I like to do condense style , brief, a review of some of my favorite most beautiful villages of the Ïle de France region, that is La Roche Guyon, Montfort l’Amaury, Auvers sur Oise, Marly le Roi, Crécy la Chapelle,Barbizon, Dourdan, and Château Landon, Hope you enjoy it as I

Of course I have entries on most of them in my blog and more coming but this is a brief introduction and ideas to many. Therefore, this will be on my black and white series, no pictures. Hope it helps your travel plans in my belle France!

The La Roche Guyon sits between the chalk cliffs, and the Seine river and their toglodytic habitat with its feudal castle which you see first coming on the D913 road from Vetheuil, Here you ,also see the toglodytic Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption done on the rocks in 1670 with a nave of 8 meters and 26 meters long,The Donjon was built in the 12C into the rocks for more than 100 meters and 250 steps up, Here Rommel in WWII carved a barrack, A nice walk is to take the Promenade Louis Guy along the Seine river, From La Roche Guyon you can go into the vast Vexin regional park and see the wonderful Domaine de Villarceaux, as well as Vetheuil where lived Claude Monet and top of the hilly road see the wonderful Church Notre Dame,

The city of La Roche Guyon on its heritage :

You can always associe Auvers sur Oise with Van Gogh, the town where the impressionists took by pencil and palette,Here the town sits next to the Oise river and the extrance to the Vexin regional park as well as only 30 km from Paris, but in another world,Vincent Van Gogh lived here and painted his last 70 portraits of his life, However, if you climb by the heights of the town into the rue Daubigny you see the shop of the painter Charles-François Daubigny, the precursor of the Impressionists,You go up further in steps of stone to the sanctuary of Notre Dame where there is a bust of Daubigny and a portrait reproduction of Van Gogh painted between june 4 and 8, 1890, Of course, he stayed at the Auberge Ravoux aka maison Van Gogh,place de la Mairie, There is an audiovisula of his last day here of the sad 29 July 1890,His tomb is next to : of his brother Théo with two stones with lots of simplicity, Don’t forget to visit the Daubigny museum in the manoir des Colombiéres at 61 rue Daubigny, the first home of the artists of Auvers and still today the most authentique spot,

The Auvers sur Oise tourist office :

Barbizon became famous in the 19C when several painters took residence, There were almost 100 who were here in 1870 ! The Grande Rue is full of painted murals and shops of painters, the one Théodore Rousseau is at no 55, A more authentique shop go to the one of Jean François Millet , Also, Narcisse Diaz de la Peña at no 28 and Charles François Daubigny at no 21 next to Balfour Stevenson the author of L’Ile au trésor(treasure island), You can sense the artistic passion by going to no 92, at the auberge Ganne the first to welcome in 1849 several painters and from 1995 the musée de l’école de Barbizon, Close by you can escape into Milly la Fôret and see the house purchase by Jean Cocteau and Jean Marais a mansion from the times of Henry IV in 1959, Here see the frescos painted in the Chapelle Saint Blaise des Simples,

The Fontainebleau tourist office on Barbizon :

We come to the Château Landon, a pretty medieval town, From here the stone was extracted to build the Arc de Triomphe and the Basilica Sacre Coeur in Paris ! You cross two bridges to come into the rue du Bas Larry and city center, This takes you up the ramparts to the rue Jean Galland and to your right the Church Notre Dame at the Place du Marché, By here you discover the pretty sites other than the church, also the tour Madeleine, tour Saint André, abbey of Saint Séverin and the tour Saint Thugal. Beautiful architecture on mansions in the rue Thiers, where with previous permission you can see the Maison de la Pierre at rue Jean Galland and the hôtel-Dieu, There are several tradesmen here all members of the Route des Métiers d’Art en Gâtinais, At the former hôtel de la Monnaie 15C the silver money was made for 300 years !

The Château Landon tourist office on its heritage :

We come to Crécy-la-Chapelle the little Venice of the Briarde fed by the Grand Morin. Along this river, worked and lived Camille Corot one of the precursors of the Impressionists movement, This Crécy-la-Chapelle is the union of two towns Crécy en Brie and La Chapelle sur Crécy in 1972, However, the town dates from the fortified village of the 12C, By the 15C several tradesmen such as tanners, and curriers worked the skins along the quai de la Tannerie taken via the Grand Morin to Meaux and Lagny to the great fairs of Champagne region and Paris. By the fortified town you have the Collegiate Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption gothic but with franco champenois styles from the 13C and 15C, Its belltower is 33 meters high with great arcades beneath it, You can go underneath the tour de la Reine aka Grosse tour one of the better preserve, and the tour de la Prison where stayed Corot, and later the Church Saint Georges, This valley of Grand Morin I came several times with my dear late wife Martine to visit a homeopath plant medicine doctor we followed, sadly he passed away too. He was at St Germain sur Morin.

The city of Crécy-la-Chapelle on its heritage :

And I take you to Dourdan the royal town where was born Hugues Capet in 941. Place under protection of a castle from 1222, the only military building done by Philippe Auguste and still preserving its essential structures like the donjon and its ramparts of 90 meters on its sides. It has an important church like the castle, the gothic Church Saint Germain d’Auxerre from the 12C with 3 bells, an added chapel from the 17C, There are the covered market done in 1838 where a nice market is held wednesdays and saturdays, As a side trip ask for visit the Abbey Notre Dame de l’Ouye mentioned since the 12C, you can be shown the cloister and the chapel, This is at the town of Les Granges le Roi.

The Dourdan tourist office on its heritage :

Come to a memorable town of Montfort l’Amaury and its castle surrounded by nature and its monuments from the 15C, The feodal castle is from the 10C and the tour Anne de Bretagne is high of 185 meters, The town has streets like a labyrinth so patient with parking is a must ,they were pave from the 16C ,The city center is where the Church Saint Pierre with 37 stained glass inside, From the courtyard in front you can see the porte Bardoul high up rue de la Tours, the former gate of the castle, Nice fortification walls can be seen near the porte de la Tripiére les Poulies. Here at no 5 rue Maurice Ravel you see a museum on a house he lived from 1921 to 1937. You can see the house at no 2 place Lebreton of movie maker Henri Georges Clouzot where part of the film Le Corbeau (the Crow) was filmed here,In Montfort l’Amaury you can see the folly of the Château de Groussay 15C and an English style park, Also, the house where lived Jose Maria de Heredia, legion d’honneur and seat no 79 of the Academie Française who was born in Cuba,

The Montfort l’Amaury tourist office on its heritage :

And this is Marly le Roi, its palace destroyed in the 19C tells of Louis XIV, now a charming parc du Domaine de Marly, You come here by the royal grille on the side of the town of Louveciennes, You come to the museum with a nice model of the castle and the machine de Marly worth the visit indeed, You see the sculptures of the Chevaux de Marly where the originals are in the Louvre,You leave ,the parc by the pavillon des Gardes to reach city center, The Grand Rue is with nice winegrowers houses, and beautiful mansions of the 18C, In the park only remains the French style garden decorated with busts and statues, Nearby here you can see the Château de Monte Cristo in Port Marly the fascinating universe of Alexandre Dumas,

The Seine St Germain en Laye tourist office on Marly le Roi :

There you go folks, these are wonderful parts of my former region in my belle France. These cities have been criss cross but always worth coming back to them. Hope you have enjoy these beautiful villages of the Île de France region.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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