Some of my other favorite castles of Seine et Marne!!

And this one was nice to write about, getting to read some of my old travel magazines in my belle France. There is so much to tell and see , sometimes I feel frustrated with time and the issues of the virus. Slowly but surely, we are getting there. Let me tell you now another of my black and white series, no pictures. This one is on some of my other favorite castles of the Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Île de France region.

The Seine et Marne dept 77 is that department east of Paris on your way to Champagne, and the other Europe. It is a place full of beautiful castles, the most common already with posts in my blog. However, there are some off the beaten path would like to tell here and as a reminder to go back to them when possible.

The closest to Paris is Château Champs de Marne this was a pleasure house that took over from a more feudal and then reinaissance styles, From the 12C to 1895 Champs owe its existance to the banks, The main building has two corner pavillions with a perystyle on a grand triangular front, The interior is luxurious rooms and furniture of Louis XV, and a library, It has a dining room one of the oldest known because until early 18C the dinner was served in the antichamber, The gardens opens on 84 hectares descending to the Marne river. webpage:

You move on to the Château de Guermantes south of Lagny-sur-Marne where the name inspired Marcel Proust. It keeps the paradise perfums of his “A la recherche du temps perdu”. The castle was done early 17C with owners of parlamentaries and businessmen each leaving their imprint, The main elegant building is flanked by two pavillions in red brick and ocre stones, the roof with fine tiles and a French style park imagine by Le Nôtre, The best its grand gallery done end 17C by Parrault and Robert de Cotte, It has 18 glass bays 31 meters long and nine crossing of the gallery, the ceiling is painted by a disciple of Delacroix( Andrieu), The mirrors, parquet are like Versailles and a decorative arts of the 18C, A Mansart roof crown the work of art. This one is again for events but can be visited with prior permission and of course the gardens are ok. webpage:

A few km and you reach the Château de Ferriéres a mix of Second Empire with a Renaissance look and match up with Victorian and Elizabethan styles this is the work of James de Rothschild, the French branch of the family. The best part is the English garden of 132 hectares. This one need to get permission to see it if there is no events going on ,otherwise see the garden, still worth it. Webpage:

The Seine et Marne dept 77 tourist office on its castles :

There you go folks a nice trio of castles in the wonderful Seine et Marne and the Brie country. My first stumping ground of this road warrior since coming over to meet my later dear wife Martine in September 10 1990, and spent my birthday there for two weeks including a trip to Madrid! Memories forever. Hope you enjoy the post and do visit these magnificent castles.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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