The Place Henri IV of Vannes!!

So we love to walk a city and it shows in my blog. There is no better way to know a city, its architecture and history than to walk it. This is no difference in small , medium or large cities all over France and the world. I happened to love a square in my capital city of Vannes which we just go by even if nothing to shop or see. I like to bring a new text with older pictures on the Place Henri IV of Vannes!! 

The capital city of the Morbihan dept 56 , Vannes, alone has no less than 170 half-timbered houses. Colorful shacks with crazy charm that are concentrated around the squares and in the cobbled alleys of the old town. Popular and lively, Place Henri IV is the ideal starting point for exploring Vannes while learning about its history. The square is certainly one of the most beautiful views of the intramural area of Vannes, The houses here go back to the 14C thru the 17C.


Place Henri-IV is a square located in the inner city on the heights of the Mené hill. It communicates with the Place Saint-Pierre and the St Peter’s Cathedral,(see post)  and to the rue Saint-Salomon (see post) and to the rue des Chanoines and the rue Émile-Burgault. The square measures about 20 meters per side, or an area of ​​about 400 m2.  In the 18C, this square was called Mallièvre, a deformation of its original Breton name Men-Guevr, goat stone, After having been named Place du Département for a time during the revolutionary period, it was finally renamed to its current name during the 19C. A bird market took place in this square in the 1860s: sellers, called Pilorgets, mainly brought linnets and goldfinches.


Most of the houses in the Place Henri IV are listed as historic monuments of France. This is the case for houses located at no.1 (corner of Place Saint-Pierre), at no. 2 ( corner of Place Saint-Pierre), at no.5 (corner of rue Saint-Salomon),and at no.6 (corner of rue des Chanoines).


The city of Vannes on the Place Henri IV

Indeed a must to walk in Vannes, and worth the detour me think. Hope you enjoy these walks around my old capital city of Vannes. The idea of shopping and eating amongst these wonderful old half-timbered houses is superbe!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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