The Place Henri IV of Meaux!!

So we love to walk a city and it shows in my blog. There is no better way to know a city, its architecture and history than to walk it. This is no difference in small , medium or large cities all over France and the world. I happened to love a square in my nostalgic city of Meaux, which I happened to meet first back in September 1990 while visiting my girlfriend later wife, and dear late wife Martine in her native town. I like to bring a new text with older pictures on the Place Henri IV of Meaux!!

The place Henri IV of Meaux  in Seine et Marne dept 77 of the Île de France region. It is another memorable place as here we went to the movies for the first time in France at the Majestic cinema. It is now part of the cinema group UGC and has a great auto parking above and below ground. Also, at Christmas time there is a nice market here with ice skating ring.  We and you can find easy parking at the Place Henri IV above ground. From here we walked all over the city and into the old town by the Rue du Général Leclerc.  Place Henri IV is a vast quadrilateral located at the junction of the old town and the Faubourg Saint-Nicolas (my  Martine district of birth). It is bordered by houses dating, for the most part, from the 19C today

meaux pl henri IV christmas mkt dec18

The square is name as such because it was to mark the coming of king Henri IV in 1599 when the city was in the middle of the 30 years war of Religions,and decided to rally in favor of the king. King Henri IV was a Protestant, and the city of Meaux , Catholic, and when the king converts to Catholicism, the locals (who are call by their celtic name, the Meldois) decided to signed the peace accords. The rebel governor, De Vitry, opened the gate of the fortified city, located on the edge of the square. He hands over the keys during an official ceremony that takes place on the Butte des Cordeliers, at the current location of the square. The king compliments De Vitry for this amnesty and maintains him in his post of governor, the equivalent of mayor and prefect today.

meaux pl henri IV jul21
Place Henri IV, was the former Place des Cordeliers,built in the second half of the 18C after the partial leveling of an earthen bastion, the Butte des Cordeliers. In this area was created a lover’s promenade or “promenade des Amourettes”. It is thus one of the main squares of Meaux which is created. It was renamed place Henri IV in 1820. The tanners who were installed along the Brasset,used part of the square to dry their skins. In 1845, the city decided on the final leveling of the square. The square thus took on its current appearance. In the 19C, the inhabitants opposed the establishment on this space of civil buildings (the theater in 1841, the courthouse in 1880) in order to preserve the integrity of the square: these two buildings were finally installed in bordering the Place Henri IV. Only a monument was erected in the center of the square in 1891, in honor of General Raoult, but the latter having been sent to melt in 1942 (by the Nazis), the square is today an empty space, apart from the plantations and benches for the whole family,

The city of Meaux on its heritage

The Meaux country tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy of a town of many wonderful memories never to forget, The whole is Meaux, and on its Place Henri IV it has its soul, Hope you enjoy the post as I. See you around the Place Henri IV of Meaux !!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!


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  1. I want to go back to Meaux and use your blog to guide me!

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