My former job in the Morbihan !!!!

Well, I worked in the beautiful Morbihan , Saint Nolff, near Vannes. It was a very nice job, in upper management, with plenty of travel opportunity as we have branches in 20 countries, and my job required a lot of travel. One of the hidden benefits of the job! Now as the time has come to go into anticipated retirement and leave the job nostalgia sets in; it was a wonderful job that I could have continue until I drop !

The people were/are very friendly and nice, and we were allowed to work pretty much independant, no time limits plenty of trust, I was next to Vannes in a quiet, small, cozy country heaven, a big change from my previous post near and in Paris. Yes a loving job if I can call it that. I live about 35 minutes from the job by car on the road N165 or can take a semi detour and come into the country road D19 or even better the D779 . Traffic is minimum, and it was super to drive from to work. They tell me that on snow days it is difficult, well I left and still no snow, the last one a just white covered ground was about 15 years ago ! Heat yes very hot days but with a breeze as we are not far from the ocean so even in the canicule we are the least impacted.


The job was on the park of an old castle originally built in 1504 ,now only the ruins of its walls remains, and the face of the manoir or mansion call Chateau, where the main administrative office is,and where I was ! It has several buildings inside the Chateau, housing the different departments or as it is call here Services; a beautiful long garden and forest area, and a cafeteria with hot meals serve daily with choices of menus. Sublime where coming to eat was like going home ! The place even had a tennis court , and then change to a football /soccer field ; then it was added a club house with baby foot, musculation gym and coffee rest area as well as plenty of parking. It has several other buildings all throughout the old castle park of 44 hectares!



My trips were everyt month for several years taking me to Brazil,  Mexico, Cuba, South Africa, Uganda, Belize, Philippines,Indonesia, China, Singapore, Vietnam. Also, in Europe took off for the Czech Republic, Slovaquia, Poland, Russia, Romania, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, and Belgium. I will remember the trips and especially the friendship of many nations still in contact, I have some neutral pictures would include in this post for memories’s sake, I was able to go into small towns in these countries away from tourism and see the real country , get to know the real people, families and all. Even taken to their homes!!

Mexico Ciudad Obregon Sonora towards bay and shrimp farms oct12

Uganda jinya iginvest igor pedro arriving son fish nile river apr18

vietnam dak lak tho duong pedro tung others lake dec18

I had to go every month to the world HQ in Paris by Porte Maillot and do visit some of our supplier service companies all over Paris, which was an added bonus, all company paid as well !! Many of these trips included convention held in Paris usually at the Palais Brongniart ! As well as world conventions in different places in France such as Paris and Chantilly. These conventions also took me to Spain ! All wonderful words cannot describe the top class travel that I was doing, Some of my collegues even told me I was lucky as I never was refuse a trip by my boss the CFO /DAF or the President /PDG !! The associations that I was paid for it and allow to travel to events all over Europe and into Ft Lauderdale, FLa where was able to see family and dwell on my former home there was super!!!

Cadiz barcelo convention party me carlos carole etc oct15

Cadiz convention oct15 pedro patrick festa

As I dwell into these wonderful experiences I take it with sadness , already 5 months out ! I was told and heard of folks telling me how wonderful retirement was and how glad they made it ! Well I do not think so, I rather stay working and indulging in all these pleasures and human contacts ! To all those friends that I will show this post, thank you so much for your kindness , cooperation, and respect on these wonderful last 10 years !!!


The Bretagne region tourist office on the Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office:

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office

There you go folks, my last job, and very memorable indeed, Saint Nolff is in my blog in several posts on its sights and now my job, Talhouet was awesome ! Hope you enjoy the post as I do,, and to share the memories with me, At least will have more time to spent with my old Dad and 3 boys as well as our dog Rex, My beautiful Morbihan, lovely Bretagne and belle France! And not to forget my current hole on earth Pluvigner !

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I retired just as soon as I could. Best job that I have ever had.

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