Chartreuse Saint Michel of Brec’h!!!

This is a wonderful spot, a monument to Bretagne/Brittany/Breizh in the town of Brec’h. Of course, in my beautiful Morbihan. I have mentioned this spot briefly but need to have a post of its own, me think. Therefore, here is my take on the Chartreuse Saint Michel of Brec’h!!!


Brec’h is crossed by the Loc’h river. It is surrounded by other towns such as my current Pluvigner, and Auray, Landaul, Locoal-Mendon, Plumergat, Pluneret, Ploemel and Crach. Brec’h, in Breton, means ” Mountain “. Brec’h includes 26 hamlets and localities, I lived on Corn er Hoet !

On September 29, 1364, the battle of Auray (see post) took place near the Kerzo swamp. The future Duke Jean IV de Montfort triumphs over his rival Charles de Blois. This one is killed, while his second, the knight Bertrand Du Guesclin, is taken prisoner. This victory puts an end to the War of the Succession of Brittany. In August 1795, near the same Kerzo marsh, nearly a thousand royalist and Chouan emigres (from England) were shot after the failed landing at Quiberon. In the Champ des Martyrs, a mausoleum was built in 1828 in commemoration. The remains are kept in the Chartreuse St Michel, In May 2015, Prince Louis de Bourbon (legitime king Louis XX) went to Brec’h, with his wife Princess Marie-Marguerite, during his official visit to Morbihan. He then announced the financing of the restoration of the Expiatory Chapel of Champ-des-Martyrs by the House of Bourbon.


A hugely historical monument is the Chartreuse St Michel, it was built in 1382 in memory of the soldiers who fought in the war of succession in Brittany ,where the toughest battle was held on Sunday, September 29 1364 the day of St Michel. François II, Duke of Brittany change the collegiale of the monastery of Chartreux in 1480 , an order founded by St Bruno. Under the French revolution, the chartreuses were  chase out. The abbey Gabriel Deshayes, priest of Auray put in here in 1812 the Filles de la Sagesse, or Daughters of the Wisdom who were in charge of caring for the blind, deafs, and hard of hearing or understood. In 1814, under the restauration in France, the bones of the immigrants who were shot in firing squad during the revolution at the Champ des Martyrs (field of heroes) in 1795 were transfert here . It is by the village of Penhoet, part of Brech off D120e coming to Brech on the D768 off the N165 expressway.  It is part handle by a retirement center, Daughters of the wisdom  webpage:

brech compound st michel statue michel de montfort by convent chartreuse jan12

An attach building is held by an order of Montforistes religious order and houses homes for the needed and impaired.  I have been and it is nice.

The Chartreuse St Michel has a cloister dating from the 17C. The chapel was built around 1720. The refectory, built around 1630, is covered with a paneled vault painted and decorated around 1750, and retains woodwork at the base of the walls. The sepulchral chapel communicates with the church by a large arcade, the sides of which are adorned with two bas-reliefs in white marble. The story goes that on  May 15, 1814, in a funeral vault of the Chartreuse, where the Duke of Angoulême, son of Charles X comes to gather the same year.  On September 20, 1823, Madame Royale, Duchess of Angoulême, the only surviving child of Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette lays the first stone on the one hand, at the Chartreuse, of the Quiberon monument also known as the sepulchral chapel, intended to house the mausoleum and on the other hand, on the Martyrs’ field, the expiatory chapel. The two buildings were inaugurated on October 15, 1829.

Brech Chartreuse main ent nov12

The city of Brec’h on the Chartreuse

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on the Chartreuse

There you go folks, another dandy historical monument in my neck of the woods, of my beautiful Morbihan and close by Brec’h, always will be my introduction to Bretagne!!! Hope you enjoy the history and the post on the Chartreuse Saint Michel , the real story.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I love finding out the history of a place like this, gives you such a deeper appreciation for it!

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