Notre Dame Cathedral update Dec2021

And time to come back to this wonderful epic work going on in my eternal Paris. I have follow thru on the reconstruction of Notre Dame Cathedral since its unfortunate fire in April 2019. There are several posts on the work going on in my blog; and feels before the year is out to give you one more update. Therefore, without further words here is the Notre Dame Cathedral update for December 2021.

The dismantling of the damaged scaffolding which surrounded the Notre Dame Cathedral for many months after the fire of April 15, 2019. The removal of the great organ for cleaning and restoration. The bending of the 28 flying buttresses. Or that of the weakened vaults of the cathedral. Five renowned French-speaking designers sketched out important steps in securing Notre-Dame de Paris, which ended this summer so that the actual restoration of the Gothic jewel could finally begin. Exhibition on the site’s fences. Parvis of Notre-Dame. From Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

About ten volunteer carpenters recreated one of the trusses of the frame of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Avranches (see post Manche 50), last Tuesday November 30 and Wednesday December 1, 2021, preferring their hands to industrial machines. The members of the Charpentiers sans frontières association, or carpenters without borders recreated the seventh truss in the framework of Notre-Dame, To build this 3.5 tons prototype, they used nine oaks, rather young and with a diameter rather weak. The volunteers cut the frame only by hand, like the builders of Notre-Dame around 1220. And the oak logs were squared with an ax, as in the Middle Ages.

Despite some reservations about the benches on wheels and the maintenance of statues in the chapels, the heritage experts, meeting this Thursday, December 9 (yesterday), gave the green light to the future interior redevelopment of Notre-Dame Cathedral, which partially burned down in 2019, They did however have reservations about the roller benches, which have candle lights and want to see a prototype first which will be submitted to the committee again., Their access to the crypt must also be re-specified.

Experts also oppose the relocation of statues of 19C saints dating from Viollet-le-Duc (architect entrusted with the restoration of the cathedral from 1844) which were on the altars of the chapels and which the diocese had planned to install along the large pillars of the cathedral, according to the same source. They also oppose the transformation of the choir into a space of prayer, fearing that the floor, which dates from the 18C, will be damaged by the passage of the faithful and tourists.

No object or painting that was in the cathedral before the fire will come out. The liturgical redevelopment of Notre-Dame has drawn fierce criticism. Such proposals completely distort the decor and the liturgical space,cried a hundred personalities, including the host Stéphane Bern or the philosopher Alain Finkielkraut, in a column published Wednesday in Le Figaro newspaper , and the Tribune de l ‘ Art (Art specialised journal). They want to respect the work of Viollet-le-Duc, let us respect the work of the artists and craftsmen who have worked to offer us this gem.

A deep cleaning of the 14 chapels, already very dilapidated before the fire. This cleaning should make it possible to rediscover the “Mays”, large altar paintings ordered each year from great artists, between 1630 and 1707, by the corporation of silversmiths who offered them to the cathedral , and painted by amongst others ,Laurent de La Hyre, Charles Le Brun and Jacques Blanchard. The cleaning work will take about 27 months supervise by the DRAC d’Île de France (or regional direction of cultural affairs)

The restoration phase has been actively prepared and is now resolutely engaged in order to launch the first restoration work this winter.2021-2022, The site will not be completed within the period promise by President Macron, according to the public institution responsible for its conservation. On the other hand, the monument must be returned to worship by April 16, 2024, the day when a mass must be celebrated again in the nave. In addition, a campaign of thorough cleaning of the interior walls and floors of the cathedral begins this month of December 2021.

All the area around Notre Dame Cathedral will be embellish and renovate for ease of passage and beautification. Concretely, the redevelopment will concern: the square and its underground spaces including the archaeological crypt and a car park on two levels; the Jean XXIII and Île-de-France squares (located behind the cathedral) to the tip of the Ile de la Cité;the banks of the Seine, high and low;and the adjacent streets of rue du Cloître-Notre-Dame, rue de la Cité, and quai de l’Archevêché.

All the work is handle , work, changes approve by the National Heritage and Architecture Commission (CNPA) made up of 26 members and chaired by the senator of Eure-et-Loir ( 28) Albéric de Montgolfier.

There you go folks, we are on our way for sure. All are making huge efforts to do this on time and I thanks them, and with them all the way. Cathédrale Notre Dame de Paris will be superbe!!! gorgeous again, stay tune and be ready by Summer Olympics time!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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