The other cinemas of Vannes!!!

Ok so we like movies, and go often, not as much as we want to but do go. And my boys go more than I as well…. I have written before on the Cinéville cinema parc lann of Vannes the one we go most often. However, there are other we go too and a couple no longer open but worth mention for the history of them and in Vannes. Hope you enjoy this cinema tour of the other cinemas of Vannes!!!

The other one we have been and has a great location overlooking the old ramparts of the fortified old town of Vannes is the Cinéville Garenne. This cinema is located at 12 bis, Rue Alexandre le Pontois. You have choices of parking by the ramparts, by Le Port area or the underground garage in Le Port. Of course, once parked in town we walk to the cinema.  In addition to national and international movie releases, or special programs, the cinema broadcasts the Metropolitan Opera season every year, with live performances. Not technical but is dotted with the 4K image, of a definition of about 4000 points out of 2000 is 4 times more than the HD image, and 20 times more than “standard video”. Immersive 3D sound with the Dolby ATMOS® sound experience: unique sound. More precise. More impressive! It sounds good indeed, this is as well as in the Cinéville parc lann.

vannes cineville garenne aug17

A bit of history I like from the old timers in Vannes. Already at the beginning of the century, Father Guillaume offered cinematographic performances in the premises of the patronage of Saint François. It was in 1925 that Abbé Guillaume had the La Garenne cinema built (1,000 seats). The walls of the room were then decorated with panels representing sites and monuments of Morbihan . In 1951, the room underwent redevelopment as street entrances. Before 1970, the Soredic became the owner of the cinema La Garenne (capacity 759 seats ). Already in 1976, another owner manages the Cinema La Garenne. Like many of its colleagues, La Garenne became a 3-room complex (between 1984 & 1976: 354 seats ,190 seats, and 82 seats).  Today the Cinéville La Garenne has 5 rooms with 316 to 75 seats. Soredic has entered into an agreement between the city/town hall of Vannes and the Cin’écran association (created in 1998) in order to promote the “Art and Essay, quality and original version” programming. In return, the city of Vannes will provide financial and fiscal assistance to the Cin’écran association in the organization of events.

The official Cinéville cinemas on the Garenne :

The official Cinéville Garenne of Vannes:

The Eden was at 7 rue Pasteur is no longer a cinema but I passed in front several times on my trips to Vannes. The story goes that in 1911, a skating room was built on this site. It was in 1922 that Robert Damilot (painter and decorator specializing in theatrical sets, decoration of cinemas, theaters and shows) bought the “Roller Skating” hall. Under his direction, a new Art Deco facade was created. The 900 to 700-seat room offers an orchestra, a balcony and a promenade. The facade represents floral and plant motifs. In the center, stands out an oriel intended for the projection booth. Bought in 1966, the cinema was renamed Comedia et Universal. In 1976, the Universal was announced for a capacity of 850 spectators. In 1981, Eden changed hands and became the property of the Holley Company of Brest. The building was extended in height and from the rear. It now has 3 rooms with 225, 156 and 128 seats. In December 2003, Eden draws the curtain definitively despite the creation of an association for the defense of the site “West of Eden”. In the summer of 2009; the work of the apartment building which replaces the cinema has just been completed. All that remains of Eden is the repainted and maintained facade. It has a nice facade too bad could not continue as a cinema.

Now this one was a surprise as not heard about it until the old timers in Vannes told reflecting on these souvenirs. Le Royal was at 19 rue Joseph le Brix. Going up towards the Hôtel de Ville in Vannes, we discover what was the Le Royal cinema. It was in 1934 that Fernand Leonce, owner of the Molière cinema in Douarnenez(29), decided, once it was not customary, to build a cinema room on the site of a garage. The Royal opened in 1936. The facade is narrow. The entrance is topped by an oriel (sort of bow window) on two levels. Access to the room is via the corridor. The Royal has kept its unique hall with around 500 seats, including an orchestra and a balcony, until it closed on October 23, 2001, the room was restructured and now houses a large store of books, records and DVDs. This store is Cheminart, and looking at its facade it does resembled an entrance to the old cinema! Cheminart webpage:

There you go folks a nice historical perspective on the other cinemas of Vannes , of which as you can read, there is only one left. As the other cinéville parc lann is on the new section of town past the expressway N165 ,Rue Aristide Boucicaut (see post). Hope you enjoy this artsy trivia of my capital city of Vannes.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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