Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption of Port Louis!!

On a rare Tuesday afternoon, at home, we decided to visit Port Louis again. In my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne and belle France. This is just 35 minutes from my house and we have been here several times, well maybe three times.   

The Port Louis is easily reach from my house on road D781 coming from the Hennebont exit on the N165. Parking was done by the Grande rue or as today we parked next to it at Avenue du Fort de l’Aigle. I have come here several times but found the church closed, today had my day, it was open!!! Let me tell you a bit more on the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption of Port Louis!!

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption front nov21

The Church  Notre Dame de l’Assomption,at Place Notre Dame, done between 1660-1670, was designed as a Latin cross style, very ample: long over 40 meters, wide of 12 meters in the nave and 30 meters in the transept. Outside, this church remained very austere. The frame was simply panelled, and on the cross of the transept stood a steeple covered with slate, 15-16 meters high. The church was renovated in 1835. The Church was burned by the wild crowds in 1910 and rebuilt later. The reconstruction work of the Church were undertaken as early as 1921. From the old Church you can see the facade from the renaissance pseudo classic , it has a square belltower pierce by bays decorated with pilasters. The bell tower dates from 1853 and replaces an old bell tower, located on the crossing of the transept, dating from 1665 and which was framed with a dome surmounted by a pyramid. The old bell tower was destroyed in 1820 and in 1851, the town of Pont-Croix ceded the land necessary for the construction of the new bell tower in front of the facade of the 17C church.

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption right chapel nov21

On the wall of the bedside is shown a large portrait of the Assumption by Titian. Another composition was highlighted in the north wing of the transept. It is a triptyque, model after Rubens, with in the middle a descent of the Cross and on the sides, the Visitation and the presentation to the temple. On the other hand, the Annunciation model after Leonardo da Vinci, hardly noticeable, at the bottom of the nave, under the rostrum. In this church, furnished with rich marble altars and decorated with painted stained glass, works of art attract particularly the attention of the many foreigners who visit it during the summer season. And off season is calmer , and our best time to visit it.

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption nave to altar nov21

The Church of Our Lady of the Assumption, the first stone of which was laid in 1657, was officially inaugurated March 8, 2015 , After finishing the last renovation work that began in 2011, On the exterior, restoration of the masonry, repair of the framework, roofs , vaults, carpentry, clock face, bells and lightning rod , Inside work on carpentry, masonry, stained glass, electrical installation and heating,

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption left chapel nov21

The Notre-Dame Fountain adjoins the Notre-Dame de l’Assomption Church. The esplanade bordering the side of the church is partly paved and has a fountain. Built in 1861, it is in a neo-Gothic style. It was executed in Guern granite. In order to obtain the water, the drawing mechanism had to be activated by turning the large handwheel installed on the side of the fountain. The water then came out of the mouth fitted with a disgorger, a metal devil’s head. Formerly this fountain was surrounded by wrought iron gates but today is open,

Port Louis ch ND de l'assomption left side and ND fountain nov21

The City of Port Louis on its heritage

The Bretagne region tourist office on Port Louis heritage

There you go folks, a nice town, architecturally and historical stunning. The harbor by the bay, Port Louis in honor of king Louis XIII, and still going strong. Hope you enjoy the Church Notre Dame de l’Assomption,nice with a view of the Citadel!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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