Salon de la Gastronomie  et Arts Culinaires of Vannes!!!

My fav event in the area of Vannes and they are back!!!  I moved here and heard about it, but always too many to choose from went elsewhere, then in 2014 got the bugs and was nice . Then, skip again 2015/2016 and got hook, now have gone to the events in 2017/2018/2019! Unfortunately 2020 was cancelled due to the virus and great news they are back in 2021 !  

Once again I bring you back to the wonderful superb Salon de la Gastronomie  et Arts Culinaires (change name a bit this year) of Vannes 2021 held over the weekend of November 27-29 at the Chorus Parc des Expositions de Vannes in the Parc du Golfe. All from 10h to 19h, Monday 10h to 18h. General admission 5€!  More than 100 exhibitors representing French gastronomy and sorted for the quality of their products. Free entertainment and cooking classes, wine tasting during the show, professional competitions and a variety of catering in a friendly space. We were there again Saturday morning as it already has become a tradition for us.

Vannes salon gastronomie chorus entr nov21

For this edition it was once again the opportunity to meet some of the providers we shop while in our adventurous ways thru the French countryside and some new ones met here. You have the real France here nothing industrial, supermarket type but the real deal straight from the farms and the artisans who produces the marvelous things we all came to know France for and still is. You have them here from different regions all defending their land and product. We later came to visit many of them on site and the history continues,,,,And they even had cooking competition as in masterchef type tv series!

vannes salon gastronomie cooking comp chef nov21

Admission is 5€ adult but as I go often we get invitation for free from wine houses as is the case this year. There is free parking, lending of wheels caddy with proper personal ID, restaurant on site even to drink the bottles you purchase there, and tasting glasses with a deposit of 1€ (you can keep the glass or get the refund at end). And on some years we have kept the tasting glasses!

vannes salon gastronomie salon stands nov21

The stands are many and varied with producers coming from all over France. Some of the repeated favorite for us, and again back this year are (with stand number and direction). highlighter in Black those we purchase again this year!

Brasserie Vénètes – Cidres Nicol T27 as you enter to your far right

Caves ROUGEBEC Vouvray B12 as you enter middle range second stand

Champagnes LAGILLE B25 as you enter just after the above

Domaine du Haut Bellay E73 as you enter bear right at the back near the T27 above

Guy MORIN – Fronsac C43 as you enter, bear left second row back

St Nicolas de Bourgueil EARL Cousseau Boireau C33 (recently visited in their property the wines of Christel and his wife Claudine we are clients since 2014 ! see post) as you enter bear right third row next to village section. My son and the cap of my Dad!!!

vannes salon gastronomie cosseau boireau NF nov21

Alain CHARTIER chocolats A 01 as you enter bear right on fifth row
Le Pays Basques Chez Vous T15 as you enter bear left all the way back

vannes salon gastronomie basques pelota nov21

vannes salon gastronomie salon show presenters nov21

We were there Saturday morning on the first day to get it all fresh and fast,  Unfortunately, our favorite basques ,the Maison Gastellou from Saint Jean Pied de Port will not be here this year, We ordered direct and they deliver in France ! Also, missing will be Domaine Lamothe wonderful Gaillac (we had and on my wife’s father side home turf) , but again we can order in France !

And we met a new member of our favorite club at the salon, the folks of Château Tour Birol E61 entrance to your left back ,from the côte de Bourg, Bordeaux region with delicious malbec reds!!! Also, my sons went for their teas at Un thé pour soi B13 entrance straight ahead ;they even got banana flavor teas lol!

vannes salon gastronomie chateau tour birol cotes de bourg wines nov21

vannes salon gastronomie et vins tea shopping boys nov21

The official Salon de la Gastronomie et des arts culinaires

The official Le Chorus Parc des Expositions de Vannes on how to get to it

There you go folks, a dandy indeed! These fairs events are held throughout France every year except the darn virus. We have been to some but this one is so convenient we repeat visits even if already visited the producer in their farm. Already looking forward to the next one, catch it , this is France at its best for the food, the ambiance the savoir faire and all!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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