Maison du Cidre of Le Hezo!!!

And coming along some of the memorable spots for us in the beautiful Morbihan of our lovely Bretagne we came to drink one of our favorite drinks, the ciders. One of our favorites here is the Maison du Cidre in the village of Le Hezo, this is in the Rhuys peninsula. Let me tell you a bit more on a deserving post for them me think: Hope you enjoy it as I.

Le Hezo la maison du cidre ent mar21

We have been stopping here for years now in the village of Le Hézo on the D780 road to load up on cider!  A case mix of brut, doux, and fruité or semi sec. There is a museum here too, musée du cidre,  and they show you how it is made ; and a great boutique with a lot more than cider, such as honey, jams, house deco items, whiskies, eau de vie de cidre, etc.


It is in the heart of the small village of Hézo, on the Rhuys peninsula, that the Nicol family, a cider maker for 3 generations, produces one of the best ciders in Brittany: the Royal Guillevic. A farmer’s cider, made in an artisanal way, from the green Guillevic apple, one of the oldest varieties of apple trees in the region. The Maison du Cidre is at Rue Lann Vrihan, 56450 ,Le Hezo done by the couple Chantal and Didier NICOL. 

The Maison du Cidre or Cider House reveals the different stages of traditional cider making, through the ancestral methods of the peasants and the modern techniques. The visit begins with an exhibition on apples, pollination and the essential role of bees, then continues with a remarkable collection of tools and machines of yesteryear used in the manufacture of cider and brandy by distillation. The visit includes a free tasting and for the little ones, a fun course.


Born from a man’s passion for the craft of a cider maker, this museum traces the cider-making activity, from the origin of apple cultivation to distillation, including grinding, pressing, and all the stages of the making of cider.   You will discover the orchard, the collection, the crushing, the pressing, the sieving, the storage, the bottling, the role of the bees in the formation of the cider apple, a 15 min film, produced in the Morbihan countryside, will immerse you in the amazing world of cider makers.

The brands they sell are the Cidre Saint Armel (brut-fruité-doux); Jus de pomme Saint Armel (apple juice);  Jus de pomme Guillevic (apple juice Guillevic) ;  Pommette Saint Armel, Cidre Royal Guillevic – Label Rouge (top brand). the prizes are many some in the Concours Général Agricole are:

PRIX D'EXCELLENCE 2017: Médaille d'or 2017 - Cidre fermier SAINT-ARMEL brut, Médaille d'or 2016 - Cidre fermier SAINT-ARMEL brut ;  Médaille d'argent 2016 - Cidre fermier SAINT-ARMEL doux.
PRIX D'EXCELLENCE 2015:  Médaille de Bronze 2015 - Cidre fermier SAINT-ARMEL doux;  Médaille d'Or - Cidre fermier  SAINT-ARMEL doux;  Médaille d'Or -  Cidre fermier SAINT-ARMEL doux ,and Médaille de Bronze - Cidres fermiers SAINT-ARMEL brut et doux.

The official maison de la cidre webpage:

The Gulf of Morbihan tourist office on the maison de la cidre:

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my beautiful Morbihan of my lovely Bretagne. Traditions of always in Breton lands of the venerable cider, goes perfect with those galettes and crêpes!!! Hope you enjoy the visit to the Maison du Cidre in Le Hezo, a must stop.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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