The Church St Pierre et St Paul of Neulliac!

Again, on my road warrior mode in my lovely Bretagne and my beautiful home dept 56 of Morbihan, I take you deep inland. This is real country Breton and voilà the things were not thinking of seeing is the one that not only saw but was open! This is the nice city center Church St Pierre et St Paul of Neulliac! Hope you enjoy it as I.

The city of Neulliac is Blavet canal (channeled river) on its west side, and by the Nantes-Brest canal (junction canal between the Oust and the Blavet) on its east side. Neulliac comes from the Breton “neulig” or between two hills.

Neulliac canal brest nantes passing nov21

The best things to see here in my opinion are the Chapel of Notre-Dame-de-Carmès, (see post), and the Church of Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul.

The parish Church of Saint-Pierre Saint-Paul is a former Tréviale chapel, attached to the parish of Neulliac. The church obtains the status of parish church after the French revolution, The first inscriptions referring to the church date from 1747 and 1782. However, it seems that the church is mentioned as “Church of the Holy Cross” by Alain de Rohan in 1205.

Neulliac ch Saint Pierre et Saint Paul belltower front nov21

Neulliac ch Saint Pierre et Saint Paul altar nov21

The Church of Saint-Pierre and Saint-Paul (15C), remodeled in the 17C and in the 19C. The square tower, which dates from 1824, was crowned in 1829 with a polygonal spire. The interior was completely redone in 1932 . The Rosary altarpiece dates from the 17C. The parish church of Neulliac is under the invocation of the apostles Saint Peter and Saint Paul. It is a modern building, in the shape of a Latin cross, and without architectural character. The side altars are dedicated to the Rosary and to Saint Nicholas.

Neulliac ch Saint Pierre et Saint Paul back nov21

Neulliac ch Saint Pierre et Saint Paul chapel right virgin et child nov21

Neulliac ch Saint Pierre et Saint Paul chapel Christ suffering nov21

A bit of history on Neulliac I like

From the end of the 5C, the Bretons entered the territory by imposing their language and their customs. Then the parish was created between the 8C and the 10C, when it was attached to the diocese of Quimper. 500 years ago, the first chapel was built in Carmès. There remains the western porch and the nave. The territories of Neulliac and its truces of Kergrist and Hémonstoir were in the viscounty of Rohan as of the constitution of this one, around 1116, then formed part of the duchy of Rohan from 1603 to 1790, while dependent on the châtellerie de Pontivy and the senechaussee of Ploërmel. The lords of Rohan raised taxes in Neulliac for nearly seven centuries. In March 1793 , throughout the west of Brittany, the peasants, for several months exasperated by the religious question, spontaneously utter a cry of insubordination in front of the ballot boxes. It will be the beginning of the chouannerie (the war of the west against the French Republic). The return to normal would only take place from 1795, but, after a calm of 2 years, the Chouan movement resumed, taking at times the scale of a generalized guerrilla war. The concordat, signed by Bonaparte on July 15, 1801, reestablished religious peace in France and brought back a quasi-pacification in the west. 

The city of Neuillac on its heritage

There you go folks another dandy small town of my beautiful Morbihan, this one less than 1500 inhabitants and just plain country Morbihan. Hope you enjoy these off the beaten path stories and do come into Neulliac , lots of interesting monuments to see here. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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