The Chapelle Notre Dame de Carmés!!!

In my road warrior trips in my neck of the woods, I continue to amaze myself of the wonders encounter here, the monuments, the architecture, and history never stops. My idea of visiting Moncontour, took a twist on my way back home and seeing this chapel in my map decided to stop by deep into the countryside surrounded by residential country houses, here you find the superb Notre Dame de Carmés Chapel. I like to tell you a bit more about it ,and hope you like as I.

This was an instinct reaction on my road warrior trips and as it can happened we arrive a bit late and the chapel was closed. One more reason to be back on this route. I will tell you the history of it from their official webpage and exterior pictures, promise inside soon. The Chapelle Notre Dame de Carmés is worth the detour indeed.

Carmes chapelle Notre Dame de Carmes front nov21

The Chapelle Notre-Dame-de-Carmès Chapel is located in the village of Carmés part of the town of Neulliac in my beautiful Morbihan, and in my lovely Bretagne. I had time from my previous post visit to Moncontour and decided to give a road warrior go as it was on my way back home. Thanks to the patronage of the Rohan family, was built on a Latin cross layout with a single aisle with a choir with a flat apse . This chapel was restored in the 18C and in the 20C. The word Carmès evokes Mont-Carmel.

Carmes chapelle Notre Dame des Carmes front belltower nov21

The Chapelle Notre-Dame de Carmès is typically polylithic and has the oldest and most important wall paintings recounting the main episodes in the life of Christ and the Virgin, on the panel showing the Coronation of Christ. The western porch and the nave date from the end of the 15C to the beginning of the 16C. The braces and the choir were completely redone in 1768. The upper parts of the bell tower were redone in the 18C. A large square granite tower, surmounted by a slate covered spire, houses a large entrance porch on the south side. This porch is covered with a paneling and its walls are painted with portraits of the apostles. A turret, polygonal part, cylindrical part, encloses the access staircase.  From the 15C, the transept, the nave and the beginning of the choir remain. The bell tower-porch is also from this period, it bears the date 1521.

Carmes chapelle Notre Dame de Carmes left side tower nov21

The front door has a pointed arch opening and curly molding. The gable is topped with a kale cross. Between the moldings, sculptures of vines. This porch is surmounted by a square tower forming the bell tower. The chapel is covered with a frame, the paneling of which bears paintings from the end of the 18C representing the main scenes from the life of Christ (the 15 mysteries of the Rosary).  The altarpiece of the high altar, in polychrome wood, dates from 1778: the central painting, above which is a Virgin and Child, represents the gift of the Rosary by the Virgin to Saint Dominic and to Saint Catherine of Siena, and at the ends are the statues of Saint Stephen and Saint Lawrence. It is one of the elements of the series of fifteen paintings of the Rosary which ends with the coronation of the Virgin. On the wings, two false decorated niches present Saint Etienne and Saint Laurent carrying respectively a large stone and a grill, instruments of their torture

However, it is to the work of the 18C that the Notre Dame de Carmés Chapel owes the current vault, its sumptuous interior decoration and its choir extended by an axial sacristy. The choir is undoubtedly contemporary with the sacristy to which its apse is leaned. The richness of the decoration of the chapel is due to its painted paneling which conceals the vault. Painted in 1705 by La Palme, an artist perhaps of Spanish origin, they were completed by Deduy in 1778 and restored by Blévin in 1814. Inside trompe l’oeil compartments, they develop the life of the virgin and the mysteries of the Rosary above the portraits of the Evangelists, the Fathers and the Reformers of the Church in addition to that of King Louis XIII. In this iconographic theme to the glory of the Counter-Reformation, we believe, however, to guess Luther, whose ideas the family of Rohan, sponsor of the whole, early rallied. On the wall of the bedside, the main altar is inscribed in a large wooden altarpiece. The noble floor is spread out in three shutters drawn by Corinthian columns which simulate marble.  

The official Chapelle Notre Dame de Carmés

The city of Neuillac on its heritage

There you go folks, a masterpiece Chapelle Notre Dame de Carmés that needs to be seen and seen again the inside of it. Another dandy monument close to me 45 min drive and so much architecture and history around it. It is off road D767 into the chemin de  Carmés rural road, there is parking terrain just 50 meters from it that you must get off, and walk to the chapel. Just lovely homes around it too. I say worth the detour in my Morbihan; hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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