The fortified town of Moncontour!!

Here is a find finally!! I have passed by its lower road the D768 many times and never came into the town of Moncontour, until now. With so much to see, figure it was time for me to take a look at it up close and personal. Therefore, after lunch we took off for a tour of the unknown yet familiar territory. Moncontour is nice worth the detour indeed.

Moncontour is located in the Côtes-d’Armor department 22 in my lovely Bretagne region. It is part of the Petites Cités de Caractère (small towns of character) and the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France association (the most beautiful villages of France). The town is located 25 km from Saint-Brieuc, and 85 km from my home.

We walk the beat as usual for us, and indeed this is worth the detour. A nice medieval looking town with hilly streets and cobblestone, old buildings nicely kept with great architecture and history on them. We were glad to be here and been close to home we will be back. Let me tell you about the other things to see we like here

The castle ramparts (12-13C) were restored by Geoffroy Botterel II, count of Penthièvre, in 1137 Significant works are reported to have been carried out in the second half of the 14C under Charles de Blois, then under Olivier de Clisson, which made Moncontour one of the strongest places in Brittany. In 1492, Charles VIII ordered Gilles de Kermené, his governor, to have the walls repaired. The upper and lower doors, as well as their drawbridges, were repaired in 1694.

Moncontour castle ramparts walls of fortified city fr above nov21
Moncontour castle ramparts walls of fortified city by garden nov21

The old hotel of Kerjégu (now city hall) Its door and its fireplace, dating from the 17C, The former hotel Veillet-Dufrêche, The hotel was built at the request of Jean-Baptiste Veillet-Dufrêche who ran a large canvas sales counter, The set of two houses located rue du Docteur-Sagory. The smallest dates from the 17C and the largest, located on the corner, undoubtedly dates back to the 16C. The Hôtel de Clézieux, then owned by the wealthy merchant Latimier du Clésieux, Gen Lazare Hoche stayed there during his stay in Moncontour. in March 1795.(during the French revolution).

Moncontour city hall et tourist office old hôtel de Kerjegu nov21

The house where François de la Noue, the iron hand huguenot protestant died has a plaque at 1 rue de la Victoire. The story goes that king Henry IV sends him to Brittany to assist the Prince of Dombes, who fails to take the town of Lamballe. On July 16, 1591, they finally invest the city, but François de La Nouë is mortally wounded in the head during the assault. Transported to Moncontour for treatment, he died there on August 4, 1591. The anecdote on François de la Noue webpage:

Moncontour rue de la victoire house of captain protestant François de La Noue, lieutenant d'Henri IV nov21

An 18C pedimented house located rue du Temple, La Tour Mognet and the remains of 15C ramparts. The Porte du Faubourg Saint-Jean, or Saint-Jean postern, which belonged to the city’s fortifications in the 14C.Take the time to admire the only still arched door despite the dismantling of the city around 1626.

Moncontour Poterne st jean street nov21

There is a nice small park at the tip overlooking the lower town, this is the Jardin de l’Europe Jean Monnet. A quiet place surrounded by wonderful peaceful houses of old. A great view over the valley and the lower town of Moncontour. A great spot our dog Rex really love !!! green at last he might have said lol!

Moncontour jardin de l'europe jean monnet by rue terse nov21

The Théatre du Costume , a museum retracing 1,000 years of costume history through a section on the Middle Ages (1 / 7th of the human scale) and a section ranging from Louis 12 to 1900 (1/3 of the human scale). These characters are put in a situation so as to give life to the various scenes.

Moncontour theatre du costume nov21

The Le Martray square with a few half-timbered houses stand around the square ,and the half-timbered house in Rue Charbonnerie, and its alleyway restored to its old form.

Moncontour pl du matray nov21

Moncontour rue charbonnerie nov21

The city of Moncontour on its heritage

The local Cap d’Erguy Val Andre tourist office on Moncontour

There you go folks, another dandy in my lovely Bretagne. We like this fortified town of Moncontour, and surely will be back, there is a lot more to see and revisit those seen. A lovely step into another era with great architecture and history compact all around you. Hope you enjoy the post and do visit.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Thank you for the tour! I can’t really travel at this time, so your trips through these towns is really enjoyable.

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