Concarneau by night!!!

And on my local outing of the week we came back to magical Concarneau in the Finistére dept 29 of the lovely region of Bretagne. We have been here before, but during daytime, and now we came at the fall of the night for a different look at this magical town. It is about a 45 minutes drive from our home. Hope you enjoy it.

concarneau harbor to city nov21

I am taking back into time and a fortified city with ancient walls and full of life now. Lovely and enchanting all around it. This is the Ville Close of Concarneau The walled city of Concarneau is a fortified city of the 15-16C built on an islet. It is the historical heart of the city,

Concarneau ville close clock tower front nov21

Concarneau ville close entr nov21

Concarneau ville close inside entr nov21

Inside you have many quant medieval looking town with plenty of shops, restaurants, and even a fishing museum ! (see posts), There is a nice well done in 1880 by the cour du gouvernement this was taken from the Château de Keriolet (see post) and put here in the 20C.

Concarneau ville close rue vauban nov21

concarneau ville close rue vauban shopping nov21

Concarneau ville close well fountain by entr nov21

Also, the nice Chapelle de l’Hôpital de la Trinité done in the 15C.  in the 16C Concarneau had a Chapel Hospital.  It was dedicated to the holy trinity. Its two halls could welcome several sick men and women. The halls gave direct access to the chapel, and from their bed could do their daily routines, it was to care for the homeless ,however by the 19C the hospital was in ruins. Only remained the wooden door facing rue Vauban. We can today admire the door in pillars and cap in stones and on top the blason or idenity shields of the founding lords. To the right of the door, there is a modest statue of St Guénolé done in 1954.

concarneau ville close chapelle de l'hopital nov21

In town the covered market or halles a sight not to missed. Plenty of hôtels and restos all along the bay makes it nice for choices the covered market or Les Halles! wow;;; this is always a stop for us here!! The Friday market in front of the Halles de Concarneau is one of the oldest and most important in Bretagne !

Concarneau covered market halles nov21

For nostalgia sake, we passed by the Les Grands Voyageurs Hôtel at 9 Place Jean Jaurès, We have eaten here with my dear late wife Martine, and brings back nice memories each time by even if did not eat tonight. The hotel is well place short walk across street to the Halles or covered market, 200 meters from the beach, 100 meters from Port de Pêch or fishing harbor, and 100 meters from the pleasure boat marina.

concarneau hotel les grand voyageurs front nov21

The Foire Saint-Martin (Fair) is back this year and a great event for the city, we took some during our visit last night, Riding school for everyone, young and old. Chichis, donuts… Open Wednesday from 14h to 20h, Friday evening, Saturday from 14h to midnight. And on Sunday from 14h to 20h. The Foire Saint Martin is until November 28! This year, two attractions are installed for the first time in Concarneau: The Gravity and the Move it Access to the fair is not subject when checking the health pass, only access to the thrill-seeking attractions must be made on presentation of a valid health pass at the entrance to the attractions concerned. Wearing a mask is compulsory, except for children up to 12 years old.

Concarneau pl jean jaures forain festival nov21

In all was a short memorable walk this time at night by the Ville Close of Concarneau, always nice and we enjoy it fully, you too will when stop by I am sure, Hope you enjoy this short walk with new pictures of Concarneau.

The city of Concarneau on its history

The Concarneau-Pont Aven tourist office on Concarneau

There you go folks, another dandy beauty of my lovely Bretagne, and so close to us we do come often. Concarneau is nice and the Ville Close is sublime like going back to better times. Hope you enjoy this night tour and do visit , recommended.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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