The Gate of the Virgin in Cañete, province of Cuenca !!!

And back running to my beloved Spain to update this wonderful off the beaten path nature lovers corner of the Province of Cuenca in the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha. I have been all over here sometimes not enough pictures but been there, road warrior , or family trips it has been many over the years. I like to tell you a bit on an off the beaten path area of it. This is Cañete , a very old place, that needs to be discovered for the uniqueness of my Spain. Let me tell you a bit more on the Gate of the Virgin or La Puerta de la Virgen in Cañete. Hope you enjoy it as I.


This is the kind of town visitors should head first to really feel Spain; its hard without the language and not used to driving, but it is all worth it for the experience. Try it!  The Puerta de la Virgen or  Gate of the Virgin, 12-13C to see it you go parellel to Calle Padre Lorenzo. The Gate of the Virgin is of direct access to the old Muslim wall and the opening is made in the wall itself!


The medieval Muslim wall was departing from the Castle and completely ringing the population. It is in good condition and has interesting entrance gates. This fortress of Cañete lends that intimate and cozy character of all the walled towns. In some sections you can see some windows of the houses open to the outside of the wall. The gate of the Virgin is a small arch of half a point with trim kit, Romanesque type of the 12-13C. Next to it there is a small statue of the same time and belonging to the hermitage of the Virgen de la Zarza, although the rest of this temple is more modern.


It is one of the three major accesses of the population open on the Islamic wall. Muslim work of the 10C, had several reforms after the Castilian annexation of the population, perhaps in the 12C or beginning of the 13C. It takes its name from the immediate hermitage of the Virgen de la Zarza, located next to the square where the pious tradition places the miraculous appearance of the patron Saint of Cañete in an imprecise moment on horseback between the 13C and 14C. It is the south gate of the wall and it facilitated the access to the west of the population, on the other side of the hill of the castle, as well as to the mountainous paths and cattle trails that were heading to the upper basin of the Guadazaón river. The gate, of modest dimensions ,only 2.5 meters wide by 4 meters of height to the key of the arc, was closed with two double-leaf gates, with exterior and interior, whose ranges are still preserved. All worth the detour !!


Some webpages to help you plan your trip are :

The town of Cañete on the gate of the virgin

The Cuenca province tourist office on Cañete

The Castilla La Mancha region on Cañete

And there you go folks,another off the beaten path wonderful place in my beloved Spain. Cañete is old and nice and the Gates there are all wonderful and especially the Gate of the Virgin. Hope you enjoy it as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to alll !!!

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